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Noses clean !

  One of the main advantages of being online is that most of us sit behind their screen alone. I know, last week i wished for surfing to become a social activity again, but there are two signs to a coin. Look at how you're now....this moment you read these words. You are probably alone and if you are a blush is colouring your cheeks (looks good on you, by the way). And be honest to yourself, now... aren't you picking your nose while reading this? Come on....... Even if you aren't right now, aren't you suddenly feeling an almost irresistible urge to do it? Yeah, i thought so. It happens to all of us. If drivers in a traffic jam feel private enough to do it behind the wheel of their immobilized vehicle, why shouldn't you in the privacy of your office, your room or garden shed? Be my guest, go ahead..... i hope you feel better while and after you did it. We will not go into detail on the discoveries you might do there, but i want you, dear reader, to stand still for a second (that's all one can ask from you, net addicts !) why we all enjoy picking our noses. 

Yeah, i know, some of you quit smoking and don't know what to do with their hands. But try to remember when you were smoking 6 packs a day. Right what i thought, you were picking too. What is it that makes us pick our noses ? Were we made to? Is there no other way to spend our fingers free time? You know none of these questions touches the real issue. There are three reasons why we do it. The first one is of a hygienic kind. Indeed, picking your nose helps in keeping it clean. It's easier to wash your hands and dry them in stead of rinceing your nose and stuff it with the towel. 
Second reason : Some of us like to roll little balls and flick them around. Don't deny it, research has shown that the majority of us like that game. Playing is in our nature, our genes and when there are no toys around we make them ourselves. After all who did call us "homo ludens" again?
And the third reason is this. Via our nose we get as close to our brain as we will ever be. It gives us a feeling of power. No one will get as near to our bio-computer as we do, by picking our nose. Who would like to pick his or her friends nose? And we're talking friends ! Let be a stranger or a colleague. 

Well let's face it : it usually doesn't hurt, it's defendable from a hygienic and a genetic point of view and everybody needs to have at least a little island of  power over his or her environment. You could try to think about changing your habits, but don't bother trying to change yourself.....Eventually you will have a relapse and it will be worse than before. All i can say to conclude this is, don't worry about it, you might as well enjoy it as long as you can. No one will pick your nose for you. See you next week.  

Simon Says 
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