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Heartache Avenue : what this page is intended for.
  Last week we announced this page as being your emotional haven. Cheri would answer all your questions on your virtual social life. Only she was too busy to fill this weeks page. 
What we didn't announce (and should have) was that AWWoS will publicize any announcements of a romantic kind that reaches us on this page : mail them to us, and please do include any URL of the announcement on the web. Mail it to  Tripper .  If you're planning to marry in AW or you'd like to announce your cyber engagement, let us know. All your fellow citizens will be able to read the announcements here. 
This page will also be the page for VR-family trees. Send them in.
Last but not least this will be the hottest page for all your Valentines, X-mas , birthday and other wishes.
Announcements of  birthday-parties and other social events in AW will find their place on this page too. 
Anything of a romantic kind can be included here, but please be nice.
From the complete AWWoS staff to Gand : Get well soon ! We missed you at the CY-Awards.
From L to T : I never wanted to come between you and M. I just wanted to be complementary. *hugs*
I remember all the hours spent in the amusement park, could you please contact me again ? The Lonely Pink Elephant.
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