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Discoveries : UVVU

 Betty B lends her eyes and senses. 
Today i entered the active world called UVVU, to have an interview with the owner UV. It´s nothing like you expect a world looks like. One reason is because it´s under construction. The other reason is that UV has an intresting  imagination , wich he gives form at in this world. I land in a black box with flashing balls and a green maze, where i get stuck straight away. There is no sound except my swearing , so i call for UV. Out of nowhere he pops up cheerfull and friendly as always . We start our interview imidiatly after the common etiqettes of how are you etc. 
(During the interview i wonder why it takes UV so much time to answer, i ask him if he is building, but soon i find out that he is destracted by the music of the Beasty Boys hehehe ). 
Illustration by UV.
UV, 26 years, living in Perth, Australia, has always been drawn to electronica and computers since he was a little boy. At the age of 13 years he buys himself a AMSTRAD 464, which he uses to program some simple games, and spends much of his free time making widgets ,wich are according to UV " little electronic circuits that blink a light or go ping".  Later he studies Electronic Engeneering. It is many years later that he connects to internet, to be preciese only a year ago. He developps an intrest for VR design and 3D graphics and works with VRML worlds using  Sony Community  Place, wich is a chat world. Then he discovers AW worlds and spends heaps of time inhere. First thing he does is building at a  spot on Mars 300N 300W. A place where dinosaur footprints show you wich way to go. At the spot there are lots of rocks with inbetween them , drawings made by UV himself. If you click on the pictures you are able to look at them closer in your browser. The reason why UV choose for Mars to build first are that he likes the objects and that he could be K9 (the robot dog from Dr. Who) .Then UV starts a trial world, where he runs experiments with selfmade textures and objects. And very soon, after one month, he opens the world UVVU. A place where ppl  gather to try new designs, new textures, new avatars. For UV is creating a virtual world the ultimate artform. "Because you can create a total environment. Aw is still primitive, he says, but when we have VR headsets and 1000 megahertz computers , in like say 3 years, we are able to create enviroments that will be more intresting than a movie." In the meantime he is concentrating on learning to use DirectX and Glide, and tries to help and stimulate others to build and make objects. 
Betty B.
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