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Weather forecast for AW GZ


Forecast for week of 13 to 20 september

The deep depression, which reached us on friday, still sends unstable weather over AW GZ. That's not the only GZ affected tho. Yellowstone suffered some severe consequences of the publication of the Starr report too. We expect to see some consequences over the next week too.
The Cy-awards, however, brought better weather on the different sites in AW, and will continue to have their positive influence on AW-weather. It shows in the forecasted figures below...

- Number of hours in Public speech : approx. 72 
- Number of first warnings : approx. 40 
- Number of second warnings : approx. 35 
- Number of ejected tourists : approx. 18 
- Number of ejected citizens : less than 5 
- Overall rating of the coming week : slightly better than can be expected for half september 
- Longer term tendency : the long term preview shows a downward trend in the number of first and second warnings, as well as in the number of ejections. This can be axplained by the decreasing level of nervosity, since the award winners are known. Destabilising factors could have their effect, but it can be expected that no big changes will occur over the next few weeks. 
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