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CY-Awards : Congratulations to the winners

 2nd Cy-awards in Transcend 

Opening speech by Chloe 


Da Winners !!!!!! Architecture/Urban Planning /Design 


Object Design/Texture Application 

Technical Enhancements/initiative 
Supplemental Software Development 

Community Groups/activities 

Avatar Development 

Environment Design 

Best Webpage 
The CY-awards ..... weren't they great again? Some of you will ask "What are they?". Compare it to Oscars of AW but not for making movies.  This time its weren't only the PS-es that were heard. For reporters like us, this version of the browser is far more helpful than the previous one. Don't expect us to make any funny comments on this Awards. We'll just give you an idea of how it was to be there. If you weren't there on sept 12th, be there on the next CY-Awards. 

But, ok..... here are some extracts and the full list of winners ( BTW : CONGRATULATIONS to all of you) : 

Chloe: On behalf of Circle of Fire Studios, Inc. and the AWCommunity,  
Chloe: we welcome you to the second CY Award Event  
Chloe: | exclamation mark | 
Chloe: The Cy Awards are a way of giving our citizens 
Chloe: the recognition they deserve for taking 
Chloe: the extra step to enhance our virtual environment and community.  
Chloe: The awards cover many categories this time including technical innovations, 
Chloe: artistic endeavors, and social/cultural activities.  
Chloe: We wish to recognize the contributions that are made, both personally and professionally, 
Chloe: to improving and expanding upon the experience that is Active Worlds.  
Chloe: So many people give sooo MUCH of themselves, 
Chloe: their skills and CONSIDERABLE time to our community;  
Chloe: always out of their passion for all that IS Active Worlds. 
Chloe: We are happy that this new tradition of recognition shows them how muchChloe: This, our second series of awards, was brought to you by a lot of hard work 
Chloe: by our AlphaBit Phalpha  
Chloe: | big smile | 
Chloe: to honor and publically recognize those who have built our environment and inspired us. 
Chloe: The judges had a hard time deciding between the nominees, all of whom were  
Chloe: very creative, devoted and selfless in their creations and roles in the community. 
Chloe: Their contributions are so essential 
Chloe: to the core of Active Worlds.  
Chloe: We succeeded in delving deeper, and gathering nominations and  
Chloe: support from within the community.  
Chloe: | smile| 
Chloe: The Cy Awards will be held every 3 months, and we are always happy  
Chloe: to accept submissions of nominees for the next series of awards. 
Chloe: The awards are apolitical, and heartfelt by all of us. 
Chloe: And now I'd like to present the President of Circle of Fire Studios, Inc. 
Chloe: ENZO  
Chloe: | big smile clappping | 
Chloe: . 

But no matter how hard the crowd called his name, how warm they applauded, E N Z O didn't turn up. A lot of citizens would have liked to see his avatar, to hear him speak, but his limousine wasn't in the neighbourhood. Some of the cits tried to fill in for him, (E Z N O, E NZ O....) and they did their best, the gap however was still there. We will not bore you with the rest of the speeches, and list the winners. First the Architecture/Urban Planning /Design category. 

Rocketchild: I'm here to present the first recipient...The Award for Excellence in Community Development in the category  
of Architecture/ 
Rocketchild: Archetecture/Urban Planning/Design 
Rocketchild: and the first award goes to...... 
Rocketchild: Dreme Lojyk!! 

Rocketchild: In the same category...... 
Rocketchild: The Award for Excellence in Community Development in the category of Architecture/Urban Planning and design 
Rocketchild: The next award goes to.... 
Rocketchild: Carre:)) 

Rocketchild: Thanks Carre:)) Our next award, the final winner in the category of Excellence in Community Development  
in the category of Architecture/Urban Planning/Design 
Rocketchild: The award goes to...... 
Rocketchild: 2ndChildhood!! 

Byte Me: Ok everyone I'm presenting 2 awards for Object Design/Texture Application  I have no real speech :)  
so I'll just be telling you who won let them make their speeches than I'm outta here for the weke :) 
Byte Me: ok the first award goes to... 
Byte Me: Carre and Magine for A'tuin :) 
Byte Me: and the next winner for Object Design/Texture Application  
Byte Me: is SeeRay for Imagicia... I'll let SeeRay make a speech than I'm off for the week :) 
Byte Me: Well all I'm off for the week need to get my grades up :) 
Byte Me: bye :) 

CCTech: I am honored to present The Award for Excellence in Community Developement in the category of 
CCTech: Technical Enhancements/Initiative to Hamfon for HamBot. 


CCTech: I am honored to present The Award for Excellence in Community Developement in the category of  
CCTech: Supplemental Software Developement to Pieter representing Vevo for the Aw Map. 

Ellie: It is my pleasure to present the Award for Excellence in Community Initiative... 
Ellie: in the category of Community Groups/Activities to........  
Ellie: Lucrecia Borgia!!!!!! for AWU...accepting for her will be...Chloe. õ¿õ 

The Paradox: Ladies, Gentlemen, fellow clappers, :) 
The Paradox: it is my priviledge to present to you today, 
The Paradox: The Award for Excellence in Creative Vision and Application in the category of 
The Paradox: Avatar Developement! 
The Paradox: And the winners are... 
The Paradox: And the winners are... 
The Paradox: the winners are, MyTwoKeys and Netropolis, for the Pata Avatars!!! 


armygeddon: Hello Everyone *wakes everyone up* it's my turn now LOL 
armygeddon: I now have the great pleasure of introducing 3 of the most insightful people in Active Worlds 
armygeddon: I present to you The Award for Excellence in Creative Vision and Application in the category of 
armygeddon: Environment Design to Rjinswand and Gand for Ravenstor 

By the way : we do hope Gand gets better soon. He was running a temp during the Awards but came online.  

armygeddon : another important creator in the same field of Creative Vision and  
Application in the category of Enviroment Design 
armygeddon: SeeRay for Imagica.. SeeRay you have the floor *bows* 

Rocketchild: For our final award this evening...the award for a "write in category"....Best Web Page 
Rocketchild: And the winner is........<bye Gand  take care :))> 
Rocketchild: the winner is..... EEP!!! 


 We hope none of the attending citizens or tourists has his/her clock set based on the start time of the event. He/she  would be too late at every party, wedding or whatever. But hey, who cares that the awards start too late. We'll conclude this for this week by saying that those who were absent, were ..... and those there, were too. 
We'll try to interview some of the award winning citizens. But as you can imagine they're very busy earning the awards. However it would give them a chance to let our readers discover some of their hard work. 
See you on the next CY-Awards, or not...... If by any chance you're not in the possibility or mood to attend , you can count on AWWoS to give you the info.

Simon Says
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