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Not enough time


As I begin to write this, I ask myself, "Do you really have the time for
this?" Let me explain: When this reporter first joined Active Worlds, it
seemed that she had all the time in the world to do everything that was
possible here. As is typical of many newcomers to this great 3D playground, I
spent a good deal of time hanging out at AWGate meeting people & making new
friends. The hours would fly by but I was happy because I was having the time
of my life! I made some of the most lasting friendships in that world and I'll
always be thankful for that. 
Slowly I ventured out to places I heard about and
discovered the delightful thrill of Exploring. The capital "E" is not a typo.
Exploring was and still is this reporter's first love in Active Worlds. More
than anything else, she loves to find new and innovative constructions. After
about a month of this I decided to take the "Right Click" plunge and see just
how bad I was at building. It was my worst nightmare at the beginning. I
thought I knew the meaning of frustration before I joined Active Worlds,
however, my first solo experiences at building seemed to make Job's biblical
experiences a walk in the park. In fact, this reporter did the unthinkable.
She gave up! She threw in the towel. She cashed in her chips and cut her
losses. Exploring and chatting were what floated her boat and why worry about
some hi-tech, chiphead hobby that really didn't sound too appealing in the
first place? Then I met the person who would be the one who convinced me to
try again with their help and my life changed forever! (Thank you SO much
AmunRa!) Making things became my first priority and I dived in head first with
no regrets. As luck would have it, I was learning to build at a most unique
time in Active Worlds. I stumbled across a new world called AWUniversity. I
looked at the webpage and was delighted to see that members would have the
opportunity to take VR classes with teachers right here in Active Worlds! By
the time I was feeling like I may actually get the hang of this building
thing, AWUniversity opened and I REALLY put my confidence out on a limb by
applying for classes there. It was  absolutely the best decision I have ever
made while a member here. They said they wanted students who had some building
experience but just wanted to take it to another level. This reporter devoured
just about every class offered and loved every one! The knowledge she gained
has been invaluable in all of her subsequent projects. It also forged the
first link between the Real World & the VR, namely, teaching. This reporter
prefers not to discuss her Real World life in too much detail (the reason may
be a future essay subject) but she will say, for the purposes of this story,
that she is a mentor and teacher at her company and her newfound building
knowledge naturally lead her to offer what she knew to all who asked. It has
been a long strange trip from that first day that I appeared on the dais at
Gateworld. So what does all of this have to do with the subject of "Not Enough
Time"? If you have to ask that question after reading all of the above then
you should definitely NOT take the "Right Click" plunge. Has anyone figured
out how to make that little green checkmark go away yet? : )

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