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Traffic Jams and Solitude Surfing

  Pheeew, all what happened last week did really put the net to the test. The Starr-report, but even more the CY-Awards had efeects on transmission speed. It was like the first day of school. Huge traffic jams and no getting through. It made me wonder...... could there be something like information pooling ? What if in stead of sitting behind our screens lonely and selfish, we shared our pc and mouse. Why wouldn't we configure our machines to accept voice commands of more than one person? Think about it..... for the same dollar more than one person could read the information you dragged in. Only one tube or LCD-screen would need energy, only one kb would get used....... And last but not least, computering would at last become a social activity. But then again, the big soft- and hardware firms wouldn't appreciate that...... They would sell less, 2, 3 or even 5 times less. So what they'll do is keep the screens small enough, never allow for more than one kb on one pc, and don't expect them to make machines where you can plug in more than one mouse. But it would help solve the problem of burnt servers, melted lines and response times that allow you to grow a beard. I wonder if one of the AW citizens would have a solution against "solitude surfing". 
Ah, well..... I guess it will take a while before this idea will ever get adopted by the real decisionmakers, if it ever will in the first place.
And finally you can always stop by at AWWoS and cool your waiting eyes at this site. Enjoy.
Simon Says 
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