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AWocalypse now?

  An environment like AW runs on trust. Trust in other people so you can open up to make contacts. Trust in the owners of the software for your creations not to be lost, trust in the judgement of the caretakers. But that isn't enough. Adequate security, and thorough investigation help in case of "crime" is needed too. In this article you'll see pics of vandalism results. The citizen who's property has been destroyed suspects one person, but can't get confirmation nor proof of the contrary. The vandalism might be the result of a personal quarrel, but that makes no difference. 

Here are the pics....... The devoted and sensitive builders amongst you might just want to turn this page......

I've seen dates on those objects. Months up to half a year apart. No matter how the vandal got in (via the use of extra-AW means or not) the owners might find ways to restore things. As I understand it, the objects are stored in a database. A query on a back-up database and an insertion of the query-results must not be that hard to do. Maybe such tools exist. But I found no information on it anywhere. 

But let's go on with our "horror picture show" (not Rocky's).

Another remedy might be to instruct or assist builders to use propdump and propload (the first before the hacking of course, the latter must be allowed in the case of hacking) in some form. The prohibition on automated tools use must be overridden in those cases. I'm sure "those in charge" can work out a procedure.

Then there's the Peacekeeper matter. They are too much caught up in controlling the chat. As I've heard, security is amongst their responsibilities.Of course I understand that they can't be held responsible for every hacking or vandalism deed. But real help to builders who got vandals on their property would be more appreciated than to treat adults like children. It would both make them credible in the eyes of the citizens and they would contribute to AWCOM's business. But I guess the change in priorities is for someone else but the PK's to decide. The last one will bring a tear to the eye of every sensible AW-citizen, builder or not...... 

I wonder, if this train roundhouse was still there, we would have had another great landmark in AW. An asset for all of us. ..... 

By the way, just yesterday and the day before one of my close friends got hacked. I was in AW when I was notified of it and I called for assistance from a few PK's. One of the email addresses I got is the main one for the peacekeepers. Guess what : when this friend use that address the mail bounced. Another sign?

Well, I can predict the reactions from "the other side" I'll get on this, if any. It will all come down to : "Read the disclaimers". But, please, surprise me.... Because if that's the reaction you want to send, you can save yourself the trouble. I'll make an automated answer for it saying : "Count your losses".

Simon Says 
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