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The Future of AWWoS
  Ther's been a weekly issue of AWWoS every week in the last half year. Well, actually it's been 26 weeks (plus a few extra issues). A high frequency a lot of running around (in VR) a lot of working against the clock. It was great to have some people around that sent in their contribution. You maybe don't believe it, but this rag takes between 6 and 12 hours every week and more if you count the mandatory contacts one needs to make even for a paper like this. So, blame me for burning out. 
Yes, I'm kinda pulling the plug. Does that mean that this team disappears? I don't know. Honestly. Most of the members will read this at the same time you do. So they'll be as surprised, relieved, dissapointed , whatever ........ as you are.  

Reasons for doing this? One thousand and one, just one more than there are for continuing it this way. 

Will there be no more news channel like AWWoS ? I don't know. You can expect a few issues just to wrap things up. There's still an interview flying around in cyberspace, a few open ends to close.....

Another project is however taking form. I just would suggest not holding your breath. If you are on our mail-list you'll be informed when it appears. If you're using the netmind feature, you will be too. and if you read the Newsgroups you'll certainly find something on it too. 

It's been a pleasure working for you and it will be soon again I hope.....

Simon Says.
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