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Bow to the Bots !
 By mgib Here we are. Nothing unexpected or not announced. Bots aren’t good or bad, just powerful, and even more here in their element. Powerful tools help to make the good better but also the bad worse. Like nuclear power. Curious how history repeats itself, when the crowd cheers the new Cyber-Nobel prize blinded by the leaders claiming virtues of the invention, while they already think of more dubious uses.

 Bots are here, more than we think, more than the emerging good part of the iceberg we are shown. We know the welcoming bots, giving some help info. The funny ones: soccer ball, trivia game. But we start to see some more dubious applications. The experimental EjectingBot in @mart supposed to control language. Not an explanation, not a warning, “ Fire!  ”. And we, human beings, taken as guinea pigs in the experiment. But we still have the power in some way. Language and even more its meaning are our element. Easy to fool the bot with some misspelling people get. Or to be ejected for some innocent word containing the “ bad chain ” pointing out the ridiculous ambitions of the bot programmer. A bot trying to appreciate offence like a human! What a farce! Well, finally a quite good imitation of some of our WordKeepers.

 But there are the others. Those taking “ care ” of us but you can’t guess until you see some cogwheels sticking out from beyond the curtains. Bots logging chats and even more info on us, at least IPs, why not our come and go. When our editor reports on some strange coincidence about his IP (see previous issue) one could think unless bad luck there was little chance someone was there on such a short time to make the cause-effect relationship to happen. Unless the recorded information?… Well, we aren’t allowed to know how we are treated.

 I know one will say so much information can’t be really used. Same argument during the discussion about telegram logs. COF keeps the right to read them if “ necessary ” but they don’t have the time to read all of them to spy on you. Right, though if you know the key words or names you look for... a good search function and you get it easily. Welcome back to 1984!

 But the worse is when bots escape from your control. When the good you want turns into bad. Scary. It’s nice PKs can now with a bot detect impersonators to help you.  Not easy to figure out by yourself, whether you or someone you talk with is the victim. Looking around for the other avatar, when often it hides somewhere. But here start problems.
When with the power you are given to deal with individuals in regards of rules (that is your employer), you start to interfere between people. Because it’s so tempting.
 Would you bring help with your bot, people thank you, and they did. But it doesn’t mean they asked you to help. Maybe they think they are grown-up enough to deal with problems and misunderstanding by themselves. Maybe they think you aren’t qualified enough to be a third party in what it’s not your business. But they will still thank you. Simply, you have no right to mistake. Because the harm which may come from it would be your full responsibility. No one asked you, in doubt better to abstain when you have the power.
 One complains for impersonation but you don’t detect it. Difficult case. Help, you would like to bring, may turn to harm if your appreciation is wrong and you pretend someone is lying. But this is where the human being intercedes, and why bots are always under control of humans. The human does what the bot can’t do: judgement value, appreciation of risks.  You wonder if the bot hasn’t a bug or hasn’t been fooled. After all, just a piece of software. Like AW. When some fooled the program getting unauthorised avatars, no one said to the witnesses you are wrong because the software is perfect. And even if the bot is right, you read the “signal” and translated it in clear. And you are a human, so not perfect. Maybe you misread, or info went too fast. Or the impersonator didn’t stay long enough so the signal is easy to read. (Maybe he’s well up so to know how it works so how to fool it or you, who knows? After all some gods already eject in your back). Different than detecting the impersonator. Here it’s the absence of signal you try to read, much less reliable.
 And because you know you can’t be 100% sure, you read back to see if what was said is credible, get contact with concerned persons to know more, evaluate how much mistrust you may bring and if it’s worth the risk you take interfering. Again, anything a bot can’t do.

 But you don’t do it. You repeat the signal of your bot like a parrot. You stick to it. You refuse to discuss it afterward. What happened?

 Two possible reasons. The tool is too powerful for what your wisdom and sense of judgement can afford. A gun given to a child. Or you can afford it. But this tool boosts the power feeling you already had. You feel like undeniable. Would your mind start to think, your ego stops it. You CAN’T be wrong now with the bot. By definition. Because of course you deserve your position and the bot. The bot is perfect? So you are. You think you master the bot, when in fact it masters you. “Mr Bot behind the bot”. The bot has assimilated you. You are just an accessory to translate in human language.  

 And the result is pitiful. You bring mistrust between people where there wasn’t any. People start to doubt because of your bot and your venerable position, when the feeling, the intelligence (what makes us humans) shout your are wrong. 
 But your aren’t safe from your egocentric trip. People who know enough start to mistrust you too. Doubt is shared. And what about if you lied on purpose after all?
 And even worse for you: when you play “Mr Bot behind the bot”, you may expect to-morrow to be replaced by a bot to translate. Because at the bot game bots are always better. Yes! They don’t need you! “Duplicate MrSmith” says the bot.  “Bot? MrJohn” asks someone, “no duplicate” answers the bot. Just like you. Easy to program.
 When someone asks to apply to PKs, he is answered application is close because they have enough of them. When I ask if blanks in the list will be filled with bots like EjectingBot, I’m answered “no”. Good news! Most of us prefer to deal at the end with humans, no matter their defaults. But now I start to doubt. How can we be sure when existing PKs are already replaced by bots? (Or their human equivalent). And at the very top of the list!

 Bots’ apologises to humans are welcome.

 “Any resemblance to real PK-bots… blah blah blah blah”


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