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Random Thoughts (2)

 By Ewasx It must be getting really bad when I can't even sit down for an hour or so and
type out my thoughts on a single subject anymore. I hope this doesn't
degenerate into something that our readers find boring. I'll just have to wait
to see what kind of reaction we get from the thousands of letters to the
editor that Simon recieves every week to make that determination LOL Well,
here goes:

1) If I hear another person describe 3D VR as addicting, I'm going to scream
(I have to scream now when I'm frustrated because I've already pulled out all
of my hair)

2) I love that whisper option we have. Some day I'm going to learn how to pick
the right name off the whisper list so I'll quit having to apologise for
sending them to the wrong people.

3) Does anyone ever use that High Speed Panning option on the browser? I use
it and I swear I'm starting to see little square pixels in things in the Real
World now.

4) I wish someone could explain to me the excitement of cybersex and make it
stick...I mean...uhhh...oh, nevermind.

5) There's been rumors flying about that I sit at my PC topless at times. I
will neither conferm or deny that statement. And since this chick will NEVER
own a webcam, there ain't NO WAY anyone will ever know for sure!

6) I'm starting to notice now that coffee isn't working for me anymore. When I
ask my friends why, all I ever hear from them is that I have to sleep at
night. I thought that drinking coffee meant that I didn't have to sleep at
night. Oh well, I'll just have to find another way...

7) Why do cats always try to bury their food and water dish after they finish?
You'd think after ten years of doing that, my cat would figure out that the
tile floor just ain't gonna come loose for him.

8) I can't remember the last time I washed EVERY item of dirty clothing that
was in the hamper in one washing session.

9) I can't remember the last time I cleaned the entire apartment in one
cleaning session.

10) I can't remember how to write a letter with pen and ink.

11) I can't remember the last time I talked on the phone for more than five
minutes (now THAT's bad!)

AWUniversity's new class session is starting up! I got the email a couple of
days ago at a time when I was about as low as I've ever been regarding what
I've got to do and learn about getting a world going. My assumptions on how
ready I thought I was had been pretty much pared down to square one that night
(I keep finding out all these infuriating new things I have to do before I can
even think about contacting AW....Grrrrrrr) and just when I was about ready to
toss my PC out the window, my email audio prompt alerted me so I decided to
read it before the PC took a one way flight to the pavement. It was from AWU
and I was so glad I did decide to read it right away. There were some new
classes listed. Classes for new world owners! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!! I immediately
sent in my application and I've had my first session today. I even dragged my
building partner along with me! She was so thrilled, as was I, that Weebo and
Weebette were able to answer all of our most vexing, newbie questions and they
didn't even give the slightest hint of a snicker at them! LOL If you want to
have a great question and answer session with a couple of very informed and
experienced world owners/caretakers who want nothing more than to have their
students succeed, run, don't walk, you're little VR legs off over to AWUniv
16s 12e or go to this website on the net: for a list of what they are teaching
this session. I highly recommend it!
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