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Your Absolute right to choose a Nickname.

 a sent in chatlog Immigration Officer: Welcome to @Mart - The future of e-commerce
M i l o: Active Worlds has people of all ages, nationalities and politacal persuassions, please refrain from saying anything that may be offensive to anyone. Thankyou  :)))
"sugar": how about people of different sexual persuassion, Milo?
Louise: might take you a few minutes to download...
"sugar": do you protect them too?
M i l o: iMe and Louise are your GateKeepers, please feel free to ask any questions :))
"sugar": Milo...maybe you didn't see my question.
Louise: Sugar.....the chat is going fast...
M i l o: sorry sugar what was it
"sugar": yes, Louise
Louise: So if we miss your question please ask us again..
Louise: and the server does  freeze us and again
M i l o: what was your question ?
"sugar": you say that you are concerned about people of different races and political you also protect those with different sexual persuassions?
M i l o: yes Sugar
Louise: We treat everyone here the one is different...
M i l o: anything offensive to anyone is not welcome here :)
"sugar": glad to hear that.  so if someone were here with the name "Lesbian mom" would protect them?
Louise: We would ask them to change there name...
Louise: That is offensive language to some sugar
"sugar": why is that?  would you ask someone to change their name if it was "Baptist minister"?
Louise: If that is offensive to some...yes Sugar we would
"sugar": so how do you determine what's offensive?
"sugar": is there a list?  or do you just go by what people tell you?
Louise: If we get complaints....then we will deal with it sugar...
Louise: BUT......for now...
Louise: Everything is alright...ok
Louise: So lets all have fun...
"sugar": I see.  I was complaining once about someone named "Hitler", but nothing was done.
Louise: Well I can't help you sugar...sorry
"sugar": I was told the gatekeepers would defend a person's right to have that name.
Mysticcreature: Well its an offence name on some acounts
Hitler: hello all
"sugar": that's ok, Louise...I can see you're busy with your friends.
Louise: Sugar...if you don't like the language of have the option to *MUTE* them......
Louise: NO..I'm not busy sugar...
Hitler: mysticbot
Louise: there are a lot of ppl. who also need help.
"sugar": yes, I know...but you said you would protect people from offensive language.
M i l o: Louise, is there something that is bothering you at the moment
"sugar": you see Louise...I find that name incredibly offensive...would you ask him to change it please?
"lQl": are you offended sugar right now i mean?
Louise: If you want to *MUTE* someone.....(R) click on the avatar....and select the MUTE button
M i l o: sorry, I mean Sugar
Tiger Baby: geez all anyone has to do is MUTE the person!!!
"AW Investor": i wouldn't expect to see someone named hitler in my investment product
Juno3D: sugar, whose name do you find offensive?
"sugar": yes, I know about muting.  But a guy named "I am gay" was ejected...why can't you eject "Hitler"?
"sugar": HITLER
Louise: Sugar....MUTE the person...
Juno3D: oh
UNIX: excellent point sugar
"lQl": or saddam hussain
Juno3D: i don't like that name
M i l o: well, there is a thing called commonsense sugar and that does not make sense to me , so unless you have a problem with someone, can we leave the subject please
Juno3D: I'mnot jewish
"AW Investor": is Hitler a regular citizen?
Juno3D: but it's Racist
SupaPunk: hitler is a very offensive name..and i am jewish
Hitler: hello
SupaPunk: and half my famild did die in the halacoust
SupaPunk: please eject him
"sugar": I have a problem with the name HITLER, Milo...A BIG PROBLEM!!!
Louise: Well if we are going to start with names..then heck..I guess I",ll get ejected first...sugar...
"lQl": hitlers dead
Hitler: good point
UNIX: yep..very offensive name
UNIX: shows a complete lack of respect
M i l o: ok can we all change the subject NOW
"AW Investor": i have a problem also with the name hitler
SupaPunk: and how stupid the person is
Louise: If  COF..thought that the name Hitler was offensive..tthen  they wouldn't allow that name..
Juno3D: Louise, can't you do anything about it?
"sugar": so there are at least 5 people who have a problem with it, Milo...please eject
Juno3D: can u make HITLER change his name
Juno3D: many people dies in the holocaust
"AW Investor": can i quote you on that, Louise?
"sugar": Louise...anyone can change their name to anything...were you aware of that???
SupaPunk: louise...COF didnt think of that name cause they wouldnt think anyone is that stupid to pick that name
Juno3D: by using the name Hitler, he is praising the halocaust
Louise: NO...AW...I'm not absolutely sure...
"sugar": no Milo....we can't.
Lucrezia Borgia: Okay... that's enough
Louise: OH man....
"sugar": what is Lucrezia Borgia?
Louise: Please...everyone..
"sugar": can you please ask Hitler to change his name?
"AW Investor": Hitler should be ejected at once
Louise: Will we have to use please everyone?
SupaPunk: yes he should be
"sugar": I agree!!
Louise: This is suppose to be a fun place
SupaPunk: lets vote if hitler should be ejected
Juno3D: do you really think the name HITLER was nessecary Louise?
"AW Investor": i vote yes, Supa
"sugar": I agree can it be with someone named Hitler??
"lQl": to many self-concious morons
Louise: A place for some nice chat...and to have fun..
SupaPunk: all in favor press 3317
"GasMan1551": i came back!
"AW Investor": 3317
"lQl": hasnt got a chance
"lQl": lol
"sugar": so, is he gone Louise?
Juno3D: in favor of what?
"sugar": can we have fun now?
Lucrezia Borgia: This is no the setting for the discussion of inflamatory matters
"lQl": poor hitler
Lucrezia Borgia: Take the dialogue elsewhere.... or you will be ejected
Louise: Just one mintue please sugar
"AW Investor": Lucrezia, i have a right to look in on my investment
"sugar": I's simple to eject someone when their name is "I am gay"...but not a simple task when their name is "Hitler".
"sugar": and you should AWI
Strife: Sugar there is varying viewpoints on that subject and they shouldnt be discussed here 
Louise: Sugar...come on..take this discussion else where...please
Lucrezia Borgia: Read the rules folks - please keep your conversations within the requested standards
"AW Investor": i am a little distressed that Hitler was allowed to stay here so long
Lucrezia Borgia: Sugar, this will be your last warning. 
"lQl": bout time
"sugar": The discussion is with you, Louise...and why you allow someone named "HItler" to stay, but not "I am gay".
Strife: Expressing those thoughts to the GK's will not change anything
"lQl": read this sign sugar!
Razzle: thanks
"AW Investor": it is my impression that people shop here
Immigration Officer: You have been ejected from !@mart
Immigration Officer: Welcome to AlphaWorld! - Enjoy building in this world and please observe and respect our Content Guidelines located at  NOTE: the use of auto-building tools in AlphaWorld is still prohibited!
Simon Says (I rest my case)
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