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G-Files (13) : White Grounds : Winter Wonderland

  I realized today that I don't come there enough. It's been two weeks (I showed the BBC what it was like) and before that I don't even remember how long it has been. I should include Winter in my "round". To keep the cache fresh :). Why I chose Winter today? I think it's one of the most romantic places in AW. Not that I'm such a romancer, but it's Feb. 14th and you cannot escape from Valentine, even if you tried. 

It's a hell of a download, though (hmmm, it looks like I'm always complaining about that. Must be the lines....). But again, it's worth the effort. When you land there, you land under a good star.... literaly. 

If this didn't convince you, you could maybe check Winter out to catch up on your skiing. Where other worlds have rides, slides or monorails, Winter has slopes. And no avalanche danger..... 

Don't worry to be too late for the après-ski, the big clock near GZ will call you in....... 


Simon Says 
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