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An interview with CyberWitch 
 By Betty B

Cyberwitch: hello
Betty B: hi Cyber :)
Betty B: Your new world?
Cyberwitch: no this is weebos
Cyberwitch: caretaker
Betty B: ah ha :))
Cyberwitch: 0one of the world caretaker in
Betty B: great :))
Betty B: Can i ask some questions?
Cyberwitch: sure
Betty B: How were all reactions?
Cyberwitch: what you mean when I won?
Betty B: yes
Cyberwitch: I was floored I though for sure be in one of 4 *S*
Cyberwitch: great builders there
Betty B: yes true
Betty B: Was it your first time , to enter a contest?
Cyberwitch: but I love building it started on dec 1th, I didn't start till 27th ws talked into it
Cyberwitch: so most had two months I had one lol
Betty B: haha

Cyberwitch: wonder how full it would have been if had two heehee
Betty B: hahahaha imagine...
Cyberwitch: well i work fast
Betty B: but was it your first contest?
Betty B: in building
Cyberwitch: yes
Cyberwitch: hope you correct all my boo boo lol
Betty B: yup i will :))
Cyberwitch: good lol
Betty B: Any ideas yet on what your going to do with your world?
Cyberwitch: well I now have two worlds a close friend gave me a world for my birthday a few day before here
Cyberwitch: well the name will be StarDust
Betty B: great two worlds :))
Cyberwitch: it will be for the kids in aw the pre & wee ones
Betty B: fine idea :)
Cyberwitch: this one will be of a magical fairieland with pixies/elfs/drgons castles/waterfall and gardens where they have fun and be save
Betty B: sounds good Cyber :)
Betty B: and the other?
Cyberwitch: the other world is called Bwitched and it'll start in a castle and tunnels and with wizzards and dragons etc I have caretake in seen worlds and did gz for 11 I also have two cities I did and I am a AB builder and a AWU builder I love to build I am calle just a building fool by myself lol
Betty B: So your main intrest is fantasy worlds right?
Cyberwitch: well I am a gramdma and Sunday school teacher and so did this for the little one, my grandson is 8
Cyberwitch: and he comes in, just got him his own name
Betty B: :))

Cyberwitch: I did different gz with different themes but i like fun things and the beauty of it and the enjoyment for others
Cyberwitch: like a disneyland type lol
Cyberwitch: ones who don't want to grow up and forget their worries and how the world is now
Betty B: yes well its a good approach i think where else than in aw can you create fantasy worlds ?
Cyberwitch: we have to have something good for the younger ones to go to too
Cyberwitch: thats true
Cyberwitch: I have wanted it to be a save world, even in aw you can find sex sites
Betty B: yes i understand
Cyberwitch: but a place where you love to leave your kid and have fun
Cyberwitch: have some people want to ps in it to be just there lol Cause of the world there are people who want to be PS in there so they can tell stories and show the kids around
Betty B: ah ok :))
Cyberwitch: they like the idea and think I can pull it off I hope I can *S
Betty B: that would be great, ppl who tell stories :)
Cyberwitch: sometime my fingers run faster than my mind lol
Betty B: haha i know that feeling
Cyberwitch: yes and each area will be for them to look and maybe rides type mysteries. I don't know when I start to build, God seem to take over he is the one does it really not me
Betty B: Is it ok that i ask you more questions while your building in your world, and when it opens for the people?
Cyberwitch: I just follow his lead
Cyberwitch: sure anytime, you want to see some of the objects?
Betty B: yes great :)
Cyberwitch: ther going to be animate objects too, moving all the time
Cyberwitch: give me your cit#
Cyberwitch: and than I'll go there
Betty B: ok Immigration Officer: *Welcome to Stardust..Excuse the dust still getting ready the world
Cyberwitch: hello
Betty B: :)
Cyberwitch: welcome to stardust
Betty B: thank you :)
Cyberwitch: this is the collection of the objects, haven't start yet. I have two backdrop for each world in working here
Betty B: wow look good Cyber :))
Cyberwitch: and the logo, but the mask not loaded yet
Betty B: the white horse!!
Cyberwitch: over here are the backdrops
Cyberwitch: a unicorn look closer has a gold horn
Betty B: this is going to be beautiful!
Cyberwitch: lol
Cyberwitch: thanks
Betty B: ah yes unicorn :)
Cyberwitch: adding more and some going to be animate move objects
Cyberwitch: we have fairies and angels
Cyberwitch: the little mermid is going into a object
Cyberwitch: there going to be all kinds
Cyberwitch: lots of people are helping getting them for me
Cyberwitch: new flowers
Betty B: yeah :))
Betty B: great pole too
Cyberwitch: lol
Cyberwitch: want things different but more real
Betty B: can i take a picture?
Cyberwitch: sure lots of this Gin made read the sign
Betty B: Gineric?
Cyberwitch: yes
Betty B: she is a great object maker :))
Cyberwitch: yes and let me use these
Cyberwitch: Bro makes good animate ones
Betty B: thats nice of her, i love her Hawaï world too
Cyberwitch: and wings giving me things and so is KT textureing for me
Cyberwitch: yes gave her the little mermaid for there
Cyberwitch: that Bro made
Betty B: thats great lot of help from good ppl :)
Cyberwitch: there are alot of great people helping and I want to thank them all

Betty B: :))
Cyberwitch: they too alot of their time and ther are going to be more
Cyberwitch: I think I will need a lot just on all the names LOL
Cyberwitch: for both worlds
Betty B: ok i took some pictures :)
Cyberwitch: ok
Betty B: tomorrow i make some of the dome too
Cyberwitch: cool *S
Cyberwitch: ok anything else just tell me ok
Betty B: ok i will, thanks for showing me :))
Cyberwitch: lol anytime (S
Betty B: and thanks for answering :)
Betty B: byeee

Betty B.
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