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Dome contest in AW University : The winners are : ....
 By Betty B
  Immigration Officer: Welcome to the AWUniversity! Check the main web page for the schedule of classes.

Bluesky75: * is still on first cup of coffee and cant type fast enough to answer all the hello's! hehe*
Betty B: lol blue
Bluesky75: ok... well if I can get your attention... we'll get this thing underway :))
Tckaija: BlueSky: Just say "Hello All!" like I do :)
Magine: *snaps to attention*
Bluesky75: LOL@Magine
Bluesky75: Firstly... Id like to say welcome to you all and thank you all for coming this evening...well... morning for some of us!! *L*
kitt: Hiya Blue
Cyberwitch: Hi kitt
Bluesky75: This Competition has certainly had its things seem to do.... but yet it has still been a fabulous success in many regards...
kitt: Hiya Cyber...Im interupting again
Bluesky75: The standard of the entries was so high and I congratualte each entrant for their work! Im just glad I wasnt one of the judges!! *L*
Zeke: LOL
Bluesky75: I encourage everyone to take some time to look around the entries when they get a chance to see some of the fabulous designs that have come from this contest... the directory in which you are standing will take you to them all!
Bluesky75: Now I know you are all sitting there thinking *ok - hurry it up Blue* but...while I still have your attention.. Id like to thank a few people...
Bluesky75: Firstly... I'd like to thank Kellee.... without whom this competition would never have happened... As always she went out of her way to make things happen... and we are truly grateful...and lucky to have her onboard!
Betty B: woohoo for Kellee :)
kellee: *s*
Carre: clap for kellle
Bluesky75: I'd like to thank all of the entrants for their patience during our little hiccups... I know it drove some of you near crazy... and for their fabulous efforts all round int his competition... The sportsmanship was amazing to see... Congratulations an
Bluesky75: Id like to thanks the poor judges who had to make the choice between *Brilliant* and *Very Brilliant*... I know some of them would have loved to have awarded a fourth, fifth and sixth place given a chance...So a warm thank you to them all!!
Dmc2u: Whoooooo Hooooooo*three cheers ....Hip hip Hoooooooraaay
kitt: claps for keelee and the gang
Dmc2u: *Appaulse * wild clapping* Clap ...clap....
Cyberwitch: clap clap
Lucrezia Borgia: *claps*
CHERi: *Clap clap clap*
Kelster: *claps*
Bluesky75: Thanks to Lucrezia, Tckaija, and King Tex... for not killing me *L* ... and ftp support and world admin issues! Thanks to COF for expanding our little corner of the uniserver too when we realised how big these domes *really* were!! :))
Zeke: *clap clap*
Tckaija: *applause*
Sajinka: hoorah for Tck and KT!!!!
Gentleman J: y
Gentleman J: y
Betty B: lol Blue kellee: *claps*
Magine: yayyyyy
Bluesky75: And so... I know you all sitting there thinking *Gee! Hurry Up Blue!!*.... so here is the part you have all been waiting for....
Cyberwitch: clap * clap*
Betty B: yeah !!
Lucrezia Borgia: Yeah for Magine's huge domes ;P
Bluesky75: There were two rounds of Judging for this contest.. the first round decided what became known as the short list of 12 entries....
Carre: yeah magine
Bluesky75: As you know there are 3 world prizes and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awarded... however... I want to start with an honourable mention to Sajinka's entry... Although it didnt get a place, it really is a fabulous design...
Zeke: *thinking ... Gee! Hurry Up Blue!*
Magine: heheh *blushing*
Cyberwitch: clap
Bluesky75: *applauds Sajinka*
Dmc2u: *Appaulse * wild clapping* Clap ...clap....
Zeke: congrats !!
Betty B: hurray for Sajinka
Bluesky75: 3rd Place was awarded to Dach for his dome at 21.0S 135.8W 0.0a 261
Cyberwitch: congrats
kitt: (claps)
Carre: yeah, sajinka, wonderful
Magine: yayyyy sajinka...
Tckaija: all right Saj!
CHERi: *clap clap clap* yeah
Dmc2u: for Saj ...Whoooooo Hooooooo**three cheers ....Hip hip Hoooooooraaay
King Tex: Excellent work Sakinka
Betty B: congrats Dach :)
kellee: *i STILL say there should have been 12 winners*
Zeke: :-)
Carre: clap for dacks
Bluesky75: *agrees with kellee!!*
Cyberwitch: congrats Dach
Sajinka: thanks all... was a joint effort... Grendel's my partner...
kitt: (keelees such a nice
Bluesky75: 2nd Place goes to Kitt!!!
kitt: yeah Dachs!!
Gentleman J: way to go Kitt
kitt: woohoooo
Cyberwitch: kitt clapp clap
DayDreamer: a nice what?
Betty B: Hurray for Kitt :)
kellee: yup dont ya just wuv lersons?
Cyberwitch: congrats
kitt: OMG
CHERi: *Clap clap yeah kitt*
Bluesky75: For her dome at 52N 101E 90
Dmc2u: *Appaulse * wild clapping* Clap ...clap....
Zeke: *clap cla*
kitt: my family is crying cuz now they will never
Bluesky75: LOL Kitt
Zeke: *clap even*
Lucrezia Borgia: *whistles*
Bluesky75: *applause for kitt*
kitt: cool beans...thanks very much
Carre: standing ovation
Dmc2u: just put those lips together & blow .
kitt: OMG
kitt: lol@Dmc
Betty B: and first place goes too....trrrrrrrrrrrr trrrrrrrrrrr
kitt: (drum roll)
Bluesky75: * hopes her isp doesnt fall over at this moment*
Bluesky75: and first place goes to...
kitt: lol@blue
Bluesky75: *waits for imaginary drumroll to finish*
kellee: DRUMROLL
Betty B: arggggg
Bluesky75: CYBERWITCH!!!!!!
Dmc2u: hurry ..the suspence is kiling me ...
Trexter Ziam: ((((CW)))))
Cyberwitch: oh my
kitt: Yeah!!!!!!!!
Trexter Ziam: I knew uyou would!!!
Bluesky75: whoooohoooooo!! *slaps wildly*
Dmc2u: Whoooooo Hooooooo**three cheers ....Hip hip Hoooooooraaay
Lucrezia Borgia: *whistles* yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!
Weebo: howdy ya'll, sorry i'm late
Bluesky75: claps even!!
Magine: yayyyyyyy cw! clap clap clap
CHERi: *clap clap *congrats Cyberwitch
Bluesky75: LOL
Carre: standing ovation, whoooooooiiiiiiieecee
Betty B: Congrats Cyber :))))))
Cyberwitch: she fainted thank you all
Trexter Ziam: you got it!!! Yippeeee
Dmc2u: *Appaulse * wild clapping* Clap ...clap....
Dmc2u: for CW :)
kitt: woohooo
King Tex: CONGRATS CW !!!!!!!!!
Tckaija: ALL RIGHT ! ! ! ! Congrats Cyberwitch!
Kelster: congrats
Gentleman J: Congrats CW
Carre: lovely witch she is
kitt: "high fives Cyberwitch"
DayDreamer: way to go CW
Hondo: congrates Cyber witch
Weebo: Congrats Cw
Tiger Baby: Congrats CW
Carre: party, party, party
Weebo: wooo hoooo
Dmc2u: who got third ?
Betty B: Dach
Trexter Ziam: congrats :})
Cyberwitch: wow blown way thank you all
King Tex: Dachs got third DMC
arre: celebrate good times
Bluesky75: 3rd place was Dach
Dmc2u: ok ...
Cyberwitch: everyone been great
Trexter Ziam: *grabs CW and swings her around in joy*
Zeke: heh heh
Cyberwitch: crying for joy *S
Betty B: awwww
Trexter Ziam: :})
Weebo: could we see the winners again?....
kitt: (does the hokey pokey)
Carre: crying with you CW
Zeke: I want to say... you guys were TORTURING poor CW with those drum rolls ... LOL
Betty B: ok off to see Cybers creation :))
Cyberwitch: THANK YOU THANK YOU *blushing
Weebo: very prould of you ,,,,Cw

Betty B.
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