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Betty's Reasons
 By Betty B
  The reason I made this homepage is to open up a disscusion about where is the line between getting booted out AW or not. I aswell made this page to find the reasons and find the history behind this booting. I don´t like it when things get covered up because they are nasty. I don´t like it that people are nasty. I know that the “troublemakers” (that's how the booted persons get called in AW) are nasty sometimes in aw forum chat, i personally never heard them do it in AW, and i certainly don´t agree with that. But if giving people a hard time is a reason to boot, where does this world go to? 

Giving your opinion about things that happen in AW is ok in my point of view, even when it goes on and on. What is the difference between going on and on about astrology or any other subject, or going on and on about COF, PK´s or GK´s ? If i don´t like it i mute, thats why we have mute. Swearing or insulting people with nasty names is never okidoki in my books, not in AW , not in Real Life. 

Sure the “troublemakers” will always find something to complain about, but i like to see it this way, sometimes we need “troublemakers” to open up our eyes, or to get a discusion started and sometimes you just don´t listen to them. Some say , AW is a private company, if you don´t like it go elsewhere...I thought AW is an open community where we can talk about everything like adults….I thought that AW is a place for everybody…..I thought that AW is a place where everybody has there right to be there….

Well it ´s like the Adolf Hitler thing…this person is allowed to take that name, if i don´t like it i should “mute him”, the head of the PK says. This Adolf Hitler talks only about racism, and no i can´t proove that he is a bad person, but are the banned persons worse, than the person carrying the name Adolf Hitler and talking about fasicm is fun ? 

Adolf Hitler still walks around, and yes i mute him, because i feel very offended to listen to a person who thinks that 3 million jewish people got swept of the world like animals is fun and probably thinks we should be happy about that too. So freedom of speech he has. What about the booted people? 

Which brings me to the next question…. Why isn´t there a public world were we adults can talk and even swear about anything? Like in Real Life? I don´t get booted out of the pub if i say shit. In fact loads of these words are said by many people in real life. Good, we don´t want to offend kids or persons who dislike swearing or sex conversations. Ok, make a public world where you can go to if you like that, is that so much to ask for? Oh and send Adolf in there too, i would LOVE to have an open discusion with him, without getting booted out.

Betty B.

Environment contest party.

As most of you are aware, we have been running our "Environment Design Contest"
in the AW University for the last 2 months and the votes are finally in!!
The prizes for first, second and third place are a free world! 
You are all invited to attend the announcement ceremony at 8pm Vrt 
Sunday February 7th, 1999 at 1N 29E in AWUNIV world.

There were some fabulous entries received and we hope you take the time 
to look around them the co-ordiantes for the directory are at 1N 29E.

Hope to see you there!!

Kind Regards,

Bluesky75 & Lucrezia Borgia
Active Worlds University

Betty B.
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