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Illusions, provocations and decisions to make.

  Still problems to access AW thru one of the numbers of my ISP (read : last weeks editors word ). Support asked me to contact my ISP and ask them if the number goes thru a proxy. "Looks like they are blocking some TCP-ports". I did contact the ISP, but still no answer yet. I'll be checking the status of the problem report later on. A citizen has sent some explanations about TCP-ports, tracert's etc.... It's very interesting, but so techo.... lol. Anyway, thanks A. :)
Another e-mail I did send to (it didn't bounce, so the address must still exist). That was on wednesday. Why did I send it to JP? I heard that the French community deblocked their situation by doing so. 
It was a friendly mail, not in any way flaming. No false accusations. I haven't got no answer yet. Another illusion down the drain.

The ng's these days are full of provocations. Here are only but two newsgroups/fora, but there's more to find on the Web.  


Take your time, get the idea behind the different ng's. Make up your own mind..... if you don't read them because of lack of time (I know : too much work with building, chatting, shopping....) don't come back saying you didn't know. And before you start screaming that the list is unbalanced, the first newsgroup is from Activeworlds themselves and is moderated by them. 
Some claim that only a very small group of troublemakers, discontents is posting there. That is true. But does that change anything of what is said? How come people make a lot of noise? Maybe they weren't heard when they didn't? 

An bot that ejects you when you use "unacceptable" words, though the list is not long, is operational (or has been during last week) at @mart. At the same time a user gets defended by the GK's (gatekeepers) when he/she uses the name Adolf Hitler(see the chatlog elsewhere in this issue). Talk about provocation.....

And then there are decisions to make. In a few weeks, your editor will have to renew his citizenship..... I'll spare you the pro's and cons.... 

Ah, what the heck..... If i didn't make this rag (AWWoS) I wouldn' t even have seen 1% of the 5% of the things I see now going on in AW. So why bother......? 

And true, AW is still open to the public, one can build, chat, play, shop.....  and a lot of good, serious and funny things come from the communities.

This must be a phase we're going thru. The "Eve of Destruction" is behind us, isn't it? And we're still here.

Anyway, enjoy AWWoS, and happy Valentine's day....

Simon Says 
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