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Job Offerings.



 Free flow of information and ideas is of the highest importance to all people and to all users of AW. During the last few weeks it has become clear that the internet is suffering a lot of technical problems. In order to diagnose and possibly cure these problems AWWoS is looking for    

Internet techies

Your function :

- Assessing the information recieved from helpdesks, support services etc..... 
- Advise on how to solve problems, or even solve them.

Your profile :

- You're familiar with the tech lingo
- You don't take crap for an answer.

Positive differentiators are :

- You read AWWoS and know what's it about..

We offer :

- A lot of stuff to put your teeth in.

Contact AWWoS  via the feedback form .

AWWOS: Search engine and index builder (second call).

For our archive we need an experienced search engine builder and indexing consultant. Please contact us on the known address or via the feedback form .

We offer a piece of the Cy-Award the next time we get one........


Simon Says 
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