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Yellowstone Independence : misunderstandings, goodwill and courage
I thought it would be a good idea  to summarize here what happened this week concerning Yellowstones Independence. Then I wish that all misunderstandings are out of the way of what needs to happen.

Two messages reached us simultaneously on the meeting that would be held on Yellowstones Independence. Blinded by what was happening this paper sent out an extra issue on the subject. We were a bit  too enthusiastic and that's why it seemed that we were putting pressure on some of the involved people. The reactions on the special issue were as diverse as the colours in the rainbow. 

Because AWWoS didn't want to interfere, that issue was finally withdrawn. 

Luckily the people involved in this seem to have agreed in meeting each other next week. The Yellowstone community members will have the correct coordinates by now. No need to post them here. 

It's good to see that there are people with a lot of goodwill and courage to try this. The slightest chance for bringing this to a good end must be taken.  I wish you luck. 

Simon Says 
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