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Reunion 99 : The Brussels pages have changed...

And ideas are getting sharper. Like we stated already a few times, some of the work  of shaping your trip will have to be done by yourself. A few people asked us why we were not organizing it in one hotel. Would be much easier. 

On the other hand, since we're all different, and some people seem to like a little more privacy than others, we chose to do it this way. But if you really want to spend a few days with that special person of AW, get in contact and book in the same hotel. 

Should I be telling you this? No, I don't think so. I just want to point out that the Brussels Reunion is about fun, meeting people and freedom. And yes, it'll be worth the trip..... but that should never be because of the organization.....

Check out the Brussels reunion pages.

Simon Says 

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