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G-Files (12) : Grounds for Business : @mart & Bizworld

  Last week we were already close to making money in AW. Now we're going for the real stuff. No more parking problems, traffic jams and crying children in a hot car on a saturday. Shopping on the net, electronically filling your cart, shop until you drop off your chair, it's the way of homo machinae electronicensis sapiens. And what an appeal a 3d shopping environment has ! It's lke walking in a store, not just flipping pages of an electronic catalogue. This environmentbrings us back to the roots : this are "shops" you can go into..... browse around in.....etc.

Well, it's not my cup of tea for a lot of things, but who didn't buy software or even books online yet? I know I did a few times. And e-books becoming popular, mp3, dvd,...... it opens perspectives.  And I must say that those two business worlds do have a certain attraction. Let's take a look at GZ of @mart, the youngest of the two. 

It's clean, very clean. but that's a subject we had a few weeks ago already. Not one broken window, not one elevator out of order, clean professional design. What a pleasure to shop here.... no thugs looking for your newly acquired treasures. And to make it a bit less cold, a handful of thouands of bites are used to put nice fountains in there. I haven't checked out the goods there, but would virtually everything be for sale there? Theoretically that must be possible, if there weren't the content guidelines...... 

Something, however, with these worlds is that the dl-time can actually be worse than with most other worlds. Bizworld, for instance, warns for a dl-time of 10 minutes. But that's no problem : check out our webpages.... see what you can buy here!
Speaking of Bizworld, there you can see that perfection doesn't even exist in VR. I won't tell you what is the (little) stain there. Just see for yourself, besides the fact that i didn't wait for the complete dl before taking the first pic. 

Anyways, these worlds are a part of the AW-universe. Like it or not, but we'll see more and more of this, even if this kind of business is generating heavy losses for the time being. You better think like this, it's easier to leave an electronic shop than a RL one. Just hit teleport or "x". 

Simon Says 
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