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Betty B does AW
 By Betty B Interview with Macavity, 18 year Swedish student and drawer.

Betty B: How did you find AW?
Betty B: btw we can walk around lol
Macavity: My friend Simon Bond in OZ send it to me
Macavity: Ok
Macavity: Via ICQ
Betty B: he was using aw?
Macavity: Yes
Betty B: he build aswell?
Macavity: Don`t know
Macavity: He hasn´t showed me anythinhg yet
Betty B: lol
Macavity: Hehe
Macavity: ;-)
Betty B: so you came in as a tourist at aw gz and what happend?
Macavity: Well, first the familiar black triangles
Betty B: hehe
Macavity: then the graphics loaded
Macavity: And I was astonished
Macavity: And he showed me around
Betty B: about what were you astonished?
Macavity: And after some time, I had learned how to use aw fully...Well 
we walked around and looked at things
Macavity: It was really cool
Betty B: hehehe dancing?
Macavity: Yep
Macavity: Lol
Betty B: lol
Macavity: Did it answer your q?
Betty B: so you walked around , looked at things and then what?
Macavity: Ok, then I started to build
Betty B: straight away as a tourist?
Macavity: I was taught by dawny
Macavity: Yep
Macavity: I got one building as tourist
Betty B: How long ago was this?
Macavity: Let me see....Hmmmm..Maybe a month?
Betty B: really short
Macavity: Or more
Macavity: Hard to remember
Betty B: Where did you met Dawny?
Macavity: At awgate and in cvds
Betty B: ah ok
Macavity: She helped me and Dior to build
Betty B: and when did you decided to become a citizen, or why?
Macavity: Well...After some time I decided to build permanent buildings 
and try out more av`s
Macavity: About a week after my first building
Macavity: And I recieved my registration after 2 weeks
Betty B: and starting building this place in aw?

Macavity: Well, not directly
Betty B: 2 weeks? you did it by mail?
Macavity: I started building this a week ago
Macavity: Yep
Macavity: Snail-mail
Betty B: whats that?
Macavity: Ordinary mail
Macavity: We call it snail-mail `cause it`s so slow
Macavity: Hehe
Betty B: hahahaha
Macavity: ;-))
Betty B: Did you ever entered other virtual worlds?
Macavity: Yep
Macavity: Some
Macavity: about 12 all together
Betty B: i mean not in aw, but other servers
Macavity: Oh
Macavity: Well no
Betty B: like palace etc
Macavity: This is so good I don´t want to change

Betty B: Ok tell me about your drawings :)
Macavity: Well, I`m doing some drawing for AnimeNation in Sweden
Betty B: and that is?
Macavity: But these are "personal"
Macavity: AnimeNation is a corp that handles artwork concerning anime
Macavity: Doesn´t have a web-site yet though
Betty B: they give you orders to draw or they  give artist a chance?
Macavity: Oh, simply suggestions of drawings
Macavity: Freedom of expression
Macavity: Hehe
Betty B: But what do they do with them?
Betty B: put it in a book?
Macavity: Tey post them and sell some copies to corps that wants them
Macavity: And some ends up in books
Betty B: Thats great
Macavity: I know.
Betty B: Since when you draw?
Macavity: I only draw for a hobby
Macavity: For 5 years
Betty B: in this style?
Macavity: Well, I started drawing in this style for about two years ago
Macavity: Before that it was doodles and sketches
Macavity: Like this one over here
Betty B: Do you have , let say  um persons you admire, who stimulated 
you to start drawing?
Macavity: Well yes
Macavity: Friends and  so
Betty B: I mean ,other artists, the reason that you started to draw in 
this style :)
Macavity: Oh ok...Well some artist have sent messages
Betty B: it reminds me of Manga
Macavity: artists
Macavity: Yes it was intended that way
Betty B: I mean this is a process right
Macavity: I guess so
Betty B: you draw...
Macavity: Yes?
Betty B: and you get influenced by certain things, i´m intrested how 
this process works for you :)
Macavity: Oh ok
Macavity: Well, inspired by japanese manga and anime for one thing
Betty B: ok and where did you saw those
Macavity: The animes? Well on tv and mangas in book-stores
Betty B: and you were intrested and started yourself?

Macavity: Yep
Betty B: ah ok :)
Macavity: ;-)
Betty B: these drawings...
Betty B: tell me how you work
Betty B: Do you use pencil or pen?
Macavity: Ok, first I get a request..Then I do some research..Then 
sketchings...then some colouring
Macavity: Both actually
Macavity: First on paper then scan them
Betty B: you put on rough lines first?
Macavity: And sometimes I fix some things in a program on puter
Macavity: Yes
Betty B: and when your satisfied you use pen and after that colour them?
Macavity: It depends on the drawing
Betty B: what do you mean Mac?
Macavity: Well, some drawings demand a lot more work with pencil before 
Macavity: And others don`t
Betty B: i see
Macavity: ;-)
Betty B: and the colouring what material do you use for it?
Macavity: Mostly water-colours but sometimes I use oils and acryl
Betty B: now i´m wondering about the size
Macavity: Ok
Betty B: are they big in real?
Macavity: about the size of a normal page, but some of them are really 
Macavity: like double the size of a normal page
Betty B: so most A4 and A2?

Macavity: Yes
Macavity: Try opening them in your browser
Betty B: thats nice to know, always wondered about that :)
Macavity: No probs
Macavity: ;-)
Betty B: like comic books i always think how big where the originals
Macavity: They can`t be too big you know
Betty B: why not?
Macavity: Then details won´t look good
Betty B: i thought it was better to copy from big to small? 
Macavity: Not always
Macavity: but yer right about smaller ones
Betty B: because details fade?
Macavity: Yes
Macavity: Oh well
Betty B: So what about the future Mac?
Macavity: Well, I`m thinking of moving to canada or oz
Betty B: oh ?
Macavity: Maybe spain?
Betty B: lol
Betty B: warm?
Macavity: I`ll have to wait and see
Betty B: warmth
Macavity: Yep
Betty B: oops that was dutch
Macavity: It`s really cold here
Betty B: canada aswell LOL
Macavity: Lol
Macavity: But the country itself is so beautiful
Betty B: but i was talking about the future of your work :)
Macavity: Ok Tommy
Macavity: Well, I don´t know
Macavity: Maybe I`ll quit
Betty B: why?
Macavity: It`s taking up way too much time
Macavity: Then I have to do this on a daily basis, and I don´t want that
Betty B: so your not planning to become a full time drawer?
Macavity: No
Macavity: Just as a hobby
Betty B: and why is that?
Macavity: Then I can be creative
Betty B: thats true
Macavity: If yer hooked, you can´t be happy
Macavity: Oh well
Macavity: ;-)
Betty B: i know what you mean, think your right
Macavity: Thanx
Betty B: Well thanks for answering my questions :))
Macavity: Is the survey over?
Macavity: Oh ok
Betty B: yup lol
Macavity: No probs
Macavity: It was nice of you to ask me
Betty B: ah but your an intresting person :)
Betty B: hahaha
Macavity: Hehe, Thanx

Links :    Macavity´s gallery           AW 19891S 6274W 
Homepage of Macavity (still under construction but you can see his 

Betty B.

Environment contest party.

As most of you are aware, we have been running our "Environment Design Contest"
in the AW University for the last 2 months and the votes are finally in!!
The prizes for first, second and third place are a free world! 
You are all invited to attend the announcement ceremony at 8pm Vrt 
Sunday February 7th, 1999 at 1N 29E in AWUNIV world.

There were some fabulous entries received and we hope you take the time 
to look around them the co-ordiantes for the directory are at 1N 29E.

Hope to see you there!!

Kind Regards,

Bluesky75 & Lucrezia Borgia
Active Worlds University

Betty B.
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