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Random Thoughts

 By Ewasx I've been going through a lot of things here in AW in the last week and I
haven't thought of a single subject to talk about but I have had a few random
thoughts tickling my brain: 

a) We can now purchase stock in AW so how much of my 401K should I roll over?

b) I've discovered that I LOVE leaving birthday cards & presents for friends
here in AW.

c) Now that my partner & I have made our first "commitment" to owning our own
world (the money is in the mail to a custom avatar designer), I'm amazed at
how much better I feel about it. Fear of the unknown is so much easier faced
when you know a trusted friend is with you all the way!  {{{{{{SD}}}}}}

d) I've had so many offers of help with getting my world going that I've
actually had to turn some of it down (well, not actually turn down but delay
because of my unreadiness) and that's the LAST thing I thought I'd have to do.

e) Getting a 30 day free trial world is one of the BEST things I did to
prepare for world ownership.

f) I just can't fix EVERYONE's problems  : (

g) I will miss teaching my friends and their referrals (no, I'm not retiring
from that so much as I'm moving on to more things on my own agenda).

h) I HATE that! (The 1st part of the previous remark, that is)

i) MAN, do I have to clean up this mess of a hard drive!

j) Of course, if I want to be really bad I can use the empty 2 Gig I have in
my spare HD and just let my C-drive fester, Hehe.

k) Psssssssttt!!! Guys, PLEASE don't tell my partner I just said that!

l) You see, she wants me to clean it up before we get started and she has
these bots that instantly unsheath swords at her typed command and she has a
LOT of them....

m) Changing backgrounds in your world is SO much fun, of course so is
building, designing, interacting, etc....

n) OK OK OK, I'll shut up about my world already!

Builder Alert!

Have you ever wanted to have a list of Alphaworld object pics? I know I do and
I found one guys! Wooooo Hooooo! It's called the Alphaworld Object Gallery and
it was designed by rypp, a member of that world owner's help group I talked
about last week called Ring of Chaos. rypp has done a marvelous job with this
great Object Gallery, the first one I've ever seen actually. It can be
accessed on the web at:

He asks on that site that you inform him of any Alphaworld objects you are
aware of that you don't see in his Gallery. I'm going to email him just to say
THANK YOU RYPP! WAY TO GO GUY!  : )  : )  : )

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