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Job Offerings.

"A New world":



More and more new worlds owners are looking for the best people in caretaking. Yesterday, a new world owner was asking around if there were any candidates to admin and otherwise guard his world. since AWWoS is there to help, here we go : 

Your function :

- You'll be completely in charge of keeping the world running. 
- You'll moderate the chat, check the contents run around in a uniform, talk in PS. 
- You report every bit of fun to the owners.

Your profile :

- You have a complete lack of sense of humour.
- You're a good copy and paster......
- You don't think for yourself.

Positive differentiators are :

- You pull the ejection trigger first, then you ask questions.

We offer :

- The so wanted caretaker set : bold typing, an itchy finger, two pounds of brainicide.

AWWOS: Search engine and index builder.

For our archive we need an experienced search engine builder and indexing consultant. please contact us on the known address or via the feedback form .

We offer a piece of the Cy-Award the next time we get one........


Simon Says 
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