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Dirty Laundry : the polyglot...... 

1.Dutch on GZ
3.AWI Fast growing !!!!
1.  Oh, man my job is really getting hard....... I'll have to ask Simon Says to translate the chatlogs. I fear not to be able to give you the best information, because of that. As if I worried about that before.. From now on I'll be considering every dutch talk as gossip that's worth to be put in here. What else would they be saying, but trivial things? The dutch people barely outgrew their wooden shoes, yet...... but are still riding bikes. And then there's mgib....... jeee, what a suck up. He's doesn't even know that the intelligent part of the dutch speaking community doesn't even live in the Netherlands, so isn't dutch at all. Oh, well, for once I sympathize with Simon Says. At least he can speak almost 4 languages.....

2. I wonder how they gonna do that scene where this guy penetrates a horse, with head...... In AW-University? I think the Borgia family was familiar with the procedure...... or were the horses? 
From reliable sources we have heard that there is a zero tolerance policy on AW GZ. Think I'm gonna test that this week. Did you notice? no longer GK's nor PK's wanted. They finally heard us....... too many and too badly trained PK's already. I still vote for the PK-bot......

3.  Seen the job advertisement already? lol AWI must be growing fast !. The number of programmers they need is enormous !!!!!!

 <:3 The Rat in the Laundromat
Any resemblance to real AW-citizens and/or situations might be purely coincidental.


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