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Virtual Age

We all know the ways of the tourist. If we never were tourist, we see it happen daily. The question that shows you're a newbie : A/S/L?
We're not gonna talk in this issue about the S(ex) and L(ocation) part. We should have something to talk about in the next issue too....
It's the Age issue that 's our subject here. 

Thing is, in AW or any other VR-environment we all look young and unscarred. At least for those who confuse the avatar with the person ("ooh, you look nice in that dress", usually typed in grey . But this medium offers us the chance to show our real age, not biological one.... Bio age is the main thing that limits us in RL. Not only because the old bones won't hold it anymore..... but also because the idea of what you can do and what you shouldn't.  

Oh, yes of course, it sets a framework for a conversation, but more often our bio age is a prison. You can't lie about your age in cyberspace. You just give another interpretation to it...... The one who asks should be aware he/she gets the representation of another truth than expected. Age is not the same as Wisdom, and even if it was, this medium doesn't seem to need wisdom. 

So, dear, readers, I suggest this..... Next time you're asked about your age give them your cyber-age, but not after asking a few questions yourself. After all you want to know what the guy/girl wants to know. Here's a list of questions that can help you..... :
 - Which type of age are you refering to?
 - Why is my biological age so important since we're only virtually together?
 - Would you like me to grow older?
 - How old do you want me to be? 

That last question is very likely to start a good negotiation position. 

You're too bio-old to type these questions? Use the PKCP technique. Peacekeeper/copy/paste technique. 

I guess this could put a stop to these bio-age questions......... lol

Simon Says 

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