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G-Files (11) : Gambling Ground : $Vegas$

  By now you certainly know I'm not US based. One of the things that always amazes me is the way Americans look at gambling opportunities. It occurs to me that fruit machines, sweepstakes, black jack tables, roulette etc... are necessities for the "average" (if that exists...) American. Come to think of it, it might just be me....... lol. 

Anyway, AW wouldn't be AW if there wasn't a world where the visitor is able to gamble until his/her mouse dies of clicking on signs and objects to make the wheel of fortune spin its way to the BIG bucks. As a matter of fact, Vegas (the world) is an ode to the happiness money brings. To the easy way it's earned, daily by hundreds of thousands of people in casinos all over the world. Gambling palaces that are designed to make people rich...... LOL.

But even without clicking the one armed bandits, without cutting the cards, Vegas is fun to visit. It has a "not only human" avatar list and it's fun to ride thu the rooms and corridors as "Porsche". That's a thing you can't do in RL, can you? lol. I like the way Vegas is set up, with a wedding chapel and all.... Just the visitors seem to busy all the time to talk much. 

And no, AWWoS doesn't get paid for this...... 

Simon Says 
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