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Dutch Hutch.
 By mgib  I’m used to changes in GZ atmosphere depending on the hour, so the time zone.  Aussie time is very clever when only few early Europeans or late Americans are there. Europeans take the lead in their late morning, early afternoon. But it doesn’t give a real specific atmosphere like with Aussie. Though both times bring some freshness to the usual heavy, conflicting and artificial atmosphere under the lead weight of those who would better look for some G-spot instead of any G-rated orgasm.

 The thing is, at these times, there are much less idiots landing with the only purpose to utter some insults. Go figure, shit attracts dung flies. 

 Dutch have been quite a strong community for long. Have you noticed?... they don’t have any specific world like many other countries, well, as far as I know. Actually, there are more Dutch than one would think. Both go together, I guess. These people have a specific skill to communicate, to mingle with others. Their English is most of the time perfect and they don’t feel like being clearly apart. No wonder if they are among the most tolerant people on the planet. Of course between them, they switch to their language when it’s more convenient. 

 But lately I have noticed there are more and more numerous. As well as tourists or citizens. Often at weird hours for them so you can’t really say there is a Dutch time. Even more.  Frequently they are the majority at GZ, to the point the whole chat is in Dutch but few “hi” and “what’up?” tentative from some lost “others”. At the same time they won’t ignore you and can easily keep up with Dutch while speaking to you in English. 

 I don’t understand Dutch. But still, I feel much comfortable. I wouldn’t say the same for some English-speaking citizens, quite at lot. I guess for them it’s unusual to suddenly feel like a foreigner. For some, international community is ok, as far as they aren’t the foreigners.

 Dutch’s capacity to easily switch from English to their language, even between them, give them a great advantage. Sharing the general conversation while able to shelter part of it out of reach of the “I’m here to tell you how to behave” freaks.  I guess PKs must feel pretty much useless in such circumstances, if they are ever useful. Yes, I know few PKs are Dutch. But most have a very special clever interpretation of rules.  And anyway there are black sheep everywhere! LOL!

 As far as Dutch is becoming the official language in AW, we better start to learn it. Why not starting with those “bad words” we need from time to time as far as language is a way to express your feelings and not to censor them? 
I guess in Dutch their use is “safer”. I can’t guarantee they are the best translation, neither the degree of “offence” they represent, but I’m sure we’ll find some good teachers to correct us :)

  If one is interested in the pronunciation the best way is to join Brussels Reunion. 

boerelul = asshole

Eikel = dickhead

greppeldel = slut

klojo = bastard

klootzak = son of a bitch

oetlul = moron

oprotten = fuck off

poep = shit

Jij zuig = you suck

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