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Fact or Fiction ?

 By Ewasx There's a concept here in AW that is gaining momentum (or maybe I'm just becoming more aware of it) that intrigues me to no end. That concept is the "otherworldlyness" of AW. For those who don't see it this way, the concept is difficult to explain but I'll try & do that anyway. 

There seems to be a growing number of people here who are being drawn into AW because it matches the VR worlds of many of the most recent Si Fi novels. In these books, there is a facinating common thread: People in the Real World meet & interact in a VR universe that is very similar to AW. I've read many of these novels & have become very comfortable with their peculiarities. 

I won't list all of the novels here but if you'd like me to refer any to you, telegram me in AW. I spend most of my free time there : ) There are many of us here that are Si Fi readers who have longed to be a part of this very cool idea we read about. There's a draw that is irresistable to us that gives a great opportunity to live another life, to leave this stressful world behind & be anybody we want to be. 

When I first started reading these books, I so badly wanted to do what these lucky fictional characters were able to do. That has been my desire ever since I started reading Si Fi. To be able to walk on other planets, step through time portals, communicate with non-human intelligences and create & life in my own designed worlds was & still is the ultimate escape for me.

Imagine my astonishment (in fact many of you probably can) when I stumbled across AW. Here was my dream come true at last! I could put my ho-hum real world existence on hold & become a person tailor made for having as much fun as possible. I can even go to alternate worlds here in AW! 

For those who come here to make contacts & chat with others around the world but who don't necessarily get into the fiction of AW, this concept seems a little (some may say a LOT, LOL) weird. I don't blame them really. You have to spend years reading these novels to get used to the idea. I compare "living the fiction" (a phrase coined by my good friend & fellow Si Fi fan Canopus) here in AW to acting in a stageplay but without a set script. More like an improvisational play that evolves minute to minute. I love my friends from all over the world & it's a blast making regular contact with them & "living the fiction" with them just enhances my experience. 

I don't plan to meet them in the real world. I feel that would destroy the fiction beyond repair. I don't ever want to lose my VR friends to deeply entrenched instincts of flight or fight that I feel have limited true social integration in our race. Too many times I've heard of long time VR friends breaking contact after they've met in the real world.

That is my biggest fear in AW. Because of that, don't ever expect to see me at any VR "reunions". Those are for the people who want more ways to meet others in the flesh. Although I do not have a problem at all with those who go, I do ask that they return the favor & understand my desires to keep living the fiction. Don't ask for my name or address or phone number. I want no contact with the real world via AW. Just remember, variety is the spice of life, even when that life is lived in VR.

Regular readers of my column know that I'm fast approaching the time when I will own my own world here in AW. I'd like to inform all who are thinking about or have just recently purchased a world of a great group of people here in AW called "Ring of Chaos". They are a free, world owner's information group, dedicated to helping new world owners get off on the right foot so they can enjoy their new world as soon as possible. All they ask is that you display their LOGO at your GZ that has info on it for others to be able to find them. You can telegram AAmie o in AW, pretty much day or night. That girl is online every time I enter & is still on when I call it quits for the night. Anyone who knows me knows just how much time I spend in AW so you KNOW AAmie o is here a LOT! 

Email them at: 

They also have a website at:

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