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Actually, its Activeworlds.cof

the signs, the happenings, the consequences  Cof really did it. They cleaned house before going public. The terms were renewed and amended, a few users/owners were eerrrhhmm "escorted" out.
And then we all got this e-mail in our mailboxes and in the ng's. 

COF is sold !!!!!!! Until you read the release better..... Just the same wine, but in bottles with a new label. Which makes thewine more expensive and thus better to some. Let's hope it is to all of us. 

Wonder what the consequences are? Well you've seen on already on GZ. All publications on Active Worlds will need a review (actually a "change all" will suffise). will employ people (great for the job offerings in here. Guys, AWWoS places them for free..... but I can charge you if you need proof for tax-deductions,lol) and fire them too, I guess. 

Imagine if the name hadn't changed. An interview with a former employee would look like this :

Ex-employee : Yes, I worked for Circle of Fire until they fired me.....
Interviewer : Hahahaha, errhm, scuse me... Circle of fire fired you?
Ex-employee : Yes, Circle of Fire did fire me......
Interviewer (almost purple) : When did Circle of Fire fire you? 
Ex-employee : They fired me when i sang "Firestarter" on the Circle of Fire fire-escape. You see there was a fire.
Interviewer (in tears) : A fire at Circle of Fire? 
Ex-employee : There was fire all around Circle of Fire and they thought i was the fire starter, because i sang so.....
Interviewer (screaming, taken away to the asylum) : In short, you started a Circle of Fire around a cd of "the Prodigy" and and they sang "Start me up" while they watered the fire-department and you got fired?....

So, they took this other name...... 

An interview with a new employee will look like this........ LOL, J/K.

One thing makes me happy though...... AWWoS can stay AWWoS, unless it goes public..... But we'll let you know in time. 

*takes off singing : ..... and the times, they are achanging.....*

Simon Says 
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