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G-Files (10) : Battleground Below Zero : AW GZ

  AW GZ wasn't on the planning of this series.... but we couldn't resist. The events of last week have left a by product on GZ, and it surely doesn't improve things there. The existing advertizing was bad already...... but at least the form in which it was presented left nothing to the imagination. Billoards and blimps are usually not used to announce b-day parties.

The form is that bad and informational value of this temple so low (except for AWLD-shareholders) that it almost physically hurts the eyes. I hope it will prove to be a temporary situation.....

Actions against it are already being planned. So we'll all have to do what this individual did, stand on it......

Besides that, AW GZ has been the meeting point for all users in AW since ages. It's the oldest too, i think. And it's the battlefield, where PK's and other users fight their little wars out, online....Sure, I like to be there...... lol. Lots of situations there, for which I  remain usually longer on GZ than anywhere else, when I'm not in Yellow..... lol

Yyou've been at this ground already, I guess..... so better explore some other.

Simon Says 
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