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Betty B does AW
 By Betty B It  was my first go at the streetinterview, and it made me realise that I have a lot to learn. Jump in a crowd and start asking questions isn´t the right way i think, i will have to adjust that. How? I don´t know yet, but I´m sure I will find the way.

Anyway before I type out this interview there is something else what's on my mind. How come that if I say "fuck" or "bitch" i get booted ,but if a tourist enters AW with the name Adolf Hitler, nothing happens? Am I too sensitive, I don´t know , it looked like there were a lot of people bothered  and feeling offended by this name. Sure this tourist didn´t kill the 4 million jews, but still this name is connected to that. And the fact that someone choses this name, means that he wants to shock people or is a fan of Adolf Hitler, which means he's a racist. And I feel very offended by that, makes me angry like hell. This was the first time i really got angry at the PK who was there at the moment, but he didn´t see the problem. Weird to me and too many people who were there.

Was it because most of the people who were there were european? Are the europeans more bothered about Adolf Hitler then the American people? Maybe I'm wrong, but what happened then in there? Why was this guy not booted and was aswell allowed to enter a couple of days later under the name Adolf H ? Pffff yeah, right as if we don´t know who Adolf H is??? Didn´t have the time to send a letter to the head of the PK´s , but its on its way and I hope I have the answer on my question in next weeks issue.

Time for the first streetinterview hehehe….

Betty B: evening all :)
Betty B: Can i ask you guys things for an interview?
DayDreamer: ask who betty?
Betty B: everybody inhere
DayDreamer: hmmm betty does Aw thats a good title…
Betty B: well it suppose to be an open interview for everybody who wants
to answer
Betty B: well i just fire my questions then lol
Betty B: Why do you all come to active worlds?
Cyberkid: FUN
"Weisn": hey betty
Betty B: Weisn and Seargent why do you guys come to aw?
"seargent": not much else to do
"Weisn": i dont know ist just seems like thr next step in internet chat,
ya know
DayDreamer: anyway..its not so much 'why do we come to active worlds'
its more like  'why doesnt everyone else come here'
Betty B: you come often here?
Betty B: lol Day
"seargent": hold on
Betty B: you always come to aw gz Weis?
"Weisn": is just my 5 or 6 time but its cool
Betty B: Can you tell me why you like it?
Weisn": well like i sead it seems like the next step in internet chat
"Weisn": thats how i see it
Betty B: where did you go before then?
Weisn": maily just licos chat
Betty B: what kind of chat is that...only typing?
"Weisn": ya
Betty B: and how did you find this place?
"Weisn": i saw an advertisment for it on mplayer
Betty B: (to DayDreamer) cool, do you build?
Betty B: cool do you build?
DayDreamer: not much  lol
"Weisn": this would be even better if you could sit down and eat and
Betty B: (to DayDreamer) lol
Betty B: what do you mean, your standing?
"Weisn": not yet if i deside to jone i will
Betty B: on what will that depend?
"Weisn": no if you coul sit down on a bench with the girl you met heir
and chat wile by a pool and shuch
Betty B: ahh yes thats true
"Weisn": ya know or at a park or at a bar
Betty B: think we should ask for sitting movements aswell
"Weisn": hell ya
Betty B: good request for COF Weisn :)
"Weisn": whats with all the questions?
Betty B: ah i´m doing aw street interviews for a paper online :)
"Weisn": oh i see cool
Betty B: you mind if i use this?
"Weisn": not at all
"Weisn": when can i see it?
Betty B: i will give you the url, if you like to read it ?
"Weisn": cool
Betty B: Where ya from?
"Weisn": i guess i like it because  how els are you going to meet a girl
at a music party then after flirting go to a park and talk so no one els
can hear you(if you go far enough away they cant hear you) ?
Betty B: you better use icq for such things Weisn
Schattenjager: Betty B: that's why we have whisper now?
Betty B: yup Schat :)
"Weisn": icq?
Betty B: do tourist have that too?
Schattenjager: Yep yep :-)
Tanchi: Yep, Betty...
"Weisn": you losst me
Talus: whisper???
Betty B: icq is a program where you can telegram and chat weisn
Betty B: lot of people use that
"Weisn": oh....ok...
"Weisn": oh well see ya
"Weisn": unless you have more Qs
Betty B: so your here to meet girls?
"Weisn": no but if the opertunity arises why not?
Betty B: true
Betty B: may i ask how old you are weisn?
"Weisn": im 15
Betty B: and living in?
"Weisn": colorado
Betty B: well thanks Weisn for answering :)
"Weisn": no prob
"Weisn": see ya
Betty B: bye see ya :)

Betty B.


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