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Socks Exchange.
 By mgib  First, may I get your attention for a minute of meditation, reading again our Prophet at the last Cy Awards...

digigardener: thanks folks
digigardener: well welcome to the Cy Awards..
digigardener: where our community recognizes excellence
digigardener: and I think that you all know that you are all pioneers of a new medium..
digigardener: called: Real Cyberspace!
digigardener: Hey, do we want to be just clicking on web pages in 10 years, is..
digigardener: cyberspace about e-commerce and entering our credit cards and pushing Submit?
digigardener: No.. Cyberspace is about communities like this!
digigardener: and the AWCC and Cy Awards are evidence that a strong community is emerging
digigardener: and you are breaking new ground..
digigardener: so you can feel proud

 Thank you...the rest of the speech was just shameless self-promotion for Avatars99.
Soooo... letís leave our dear Prophet to his dreams and go back to the real community stuff. Thatís e-commerce, credit cards and clicking on the appropriate web pages.

 I guess you all have seen the new Stock Exchange building at our GZ. There is a controversy if itís pure Greek style or Roman architecture when these guys had the fancy to imitate Greek style. Nevertheless (thatís Alwaysthemore) this is really what our GZ was missing. Now, landing at GZ we feel very professional. Just what our ego needed.

 I appreciate they let, however, few flowers in a corner. Just the minimum for our dear Flower Stomp Troopers. The rest of us will be able to follow live the last quotation of what our community is worth in bucks.
 A truly good topic for permanent discussions far away from unsafe debates. And so much closer to the day to day family environment.

 Hmm... yes, the title is about Socks exchange, my speciality. Sorry, got carried away. Changing from socks is an art. They should fit with your mood, but also the rest of your clothes. There is always a message in socks.
 But the most important to remember about Socks Exchange is : no matter how much clever the socks are, dirty feet will always stink.

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