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The real speech.

The Speech as found in Simon Says' tuxedo pocket Hi ppl behind the avs... YIKES!!!!
Sorry, i always scare myself with this bold typing...
I had a long speech prepared, but I seem to have lost it in one of the pockets of my tux....
Good thing i know it by heart...... i'll be talking til you all fall asleep

Well, I want to offer this award to all the contributors of AWWoS.
So I'll do something shocking now...

*Craaack* This leg is for Betty B 
She built the office and kept us running with great articles and interviews. Thanks, Betje :) *hugs*

*Creeck* The other leg is for Ewasx ... for giving us a weekly peek beyond her forehead...
and the building of the greatest party-plaza in AW in which, I believe she got help from SilverDragon and Xena,
Thank you, Ewasx, Silverdragon and Xena *grouphugs* :)

*klang klang !!* I took out the heart for Cheri of course.
She makes the Heartache Avenue seem a little shorter.....
*hugs* Cheri :)

*screetch screetch* I give the head to mgib.... 
To replace his own when it gets too tired of thinking for the community and the PK's and COF...
Man, you must be doing nothing else all day. 
But thanks though, mgib :) 
*tosses a full bottle of beer*

*krrrrkrrrrr* I just sawed off the lower back end...... 
Can you guess who's gonna get that? 

heheheh, yeah, Da Rat. Expect a testreport in tomorrows issue..... lol.
Anyway, Rat Thanks :) *rubbing whiskers*

*tick tick tick tick tick * These fingers are for Tripper. 
His own are worn til his *great job Tripper* :)

*chopchopchopchopchopchopchop* The rest of the award, 
I had it chopped up. 
Each of the other contributors (willingly or not) should get a piece of it :)
Without readers, interviewees, "quotees" .... 
we wouldn't be able to make AWWoS :)

AWWoS is heading for 2600 hits since sept 21st. 
That's all because of you.
and that we didn't give up already is because you all support us ...... 
That's why I shamelessly broke this award in little pieces.... 
Because it really belongs to you all..... :)
Thank you, congratulations to the other winners.......
and then now the moment where you all have been waiting for ........
A little word from DA RAT !

J/K :) *bows*

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