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Dirty Laundry : I get the BUTT ? 

1. Da Rat shamelessly muted
2. The speech ...
3. The best part of the Award
4. A job well done....
1.  I was at the ceremony. I requested to speak to Simon Says. Being a tourist (by choice, btw) noone would hear me. So I asked Simon Says to speech for me. I sent him my speech and I thought he would ...... I should have known better...... When it comes to real courage he's nothing. You know why he chose the darkest avatar in there? So you can't see he wets his pants.....  
Finally he's shown his real attitude towards free speech..... 



Hi sheep,
I guess I must thank you for voting AWWoS ?
I'm sorry (on second thought, I'm not)  but I don't think so.
I'll try to explain it to you, try to follow me .....
Not AWWoS deserves the award,
AWWoS is the wire...
It's the contents that should be awarded. 
And that's me. 
No background,
an appeal to your intelligence (wooohaaaa)
No compromizing....No sucking up.
Since you insist, I'll take this award with me,
and i'll melt it to make me a new set of teeth.....



3.  Noticed that he didn't give away the best part of the award? Wonder what he did with it...... or is doing with it right now. Actually he wanted to keep the entire Award to himself..... I guess he'd put some batteries in it, turn it on and...... well, you get the picture.... 

4.  And yes, SS's  speech did it's job...... half an hour after closure the AWCC responsibles found mgib sleeping in a corner of the place...... 

 <:3 The Rat in the Laundromat

Any resemblance to real AW-citizens and/or situations might be purely coincidental.


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