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Mucho Blablabla and Good company
 By Betty B Maybe boring that almost all of this paper stands in the sign of the 
cy-awards, but fact is over a hunderd citizens and tourists were 
there…and  fact is that i didn´t interview somebody,  sorry.  Trying to 
catch some ppl, but well, let say that they are not standing in line to 
let me interview them…Hmmm should work on my image in AW . 

I heard rumours that the AWWoS team only writes about friends and not interviewes or writes about ppl they don´t like. I think ppl who spread those rumours should read AWWoS better in the first place! Personally I´m not fond of rumours 
and never listen to them , but this time it got me upset and I thought I 
will prove that its not the case at all. 
So from now on I will go out on the streets in AW worlds and ask the people themselves what is important to them, what intrests them, what drives them to log on to AW every time and if they have suggestions about who i should see and visit. I´m 
excited to see where they will send me to ...
About the cy-awards….can be short on that…..YAWN…mucho blablabla and clap clap……..First and last time you could see me there, but the world AWCC 
looks really cool, check it out. They did a great job!!! 
I think i´m not the right person for those celebrations, but the new whisper thingy was perfect for it, lots of ppl who sent sentences out there, which were 
suppose to be whispered, hehehe, very funny and confusing too! 

Betty B

Ps: Simon thanks for the cy´s-leg, it's standing on the shelve next to my 
traffic award, which i got when i was ten , so it is in good company .


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