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No FSR (Fly, Shift, Rightclick).

 By Ewasx  I love to explore (among other things) and I just ADORE the fantastic features AW gives us to get around in here. I especially love to fly. That is such a great feeling! When I want to scout out a neighborhood, I've found that cruising at about 25 or 30 meters up is a great way to travel! I have visions when I'm in AW that I've only experienced in dreams. Wonderful! 
Have you ever joined someone and found yourself lodged in the middle of a wall or some other object? Funny, eh? Good thing AW gives us the ability to shift pass thru, otherwise, your only alternative is to teleport out of that world & hope the person you joined has moved away from the offending object so you don't go through that again.
I also thank the VR gods that we have the ability to rightclick on objects, otherwise I'd still be making square buildings with only non-textured objects. I'd have nothing flashing or moving nor would I have anything you could click to enhance your experience. "Borrowing" action box ideas is a mainstay of building in AW and without it, there'd be a lot more static, boring, not to mention junkyard sites in here. AW planned well for the future, at least in those regards. So why did they give world owners the ability to disable these great features? Well, I can see why they would need to be disabled in the case of worlds with mazes or specific routes that have to be taken consistant with their themes. Hopefully they would make their routes "trap free" since the user cannot "rescue" themselves with FSR disabled. In those cases, I also understand why the world should be set for all incoming teleports to show up at GZ. Otherwise the incoming user would be stuck in objects if they had the bad luck of appearing in one.
This is the only reason I can see for restriction of these great features. But if your world is there for exploring or any other function and you want the public to come in and see it, please don't defeat the purpose of the features that AW has given us to enhance our experience.
There is a world that I used to frequent a lot in the past that has this neat looking glass building with an inviting looking front step & walkway into it but the step is too high and for some unknown reason, they have FSR disabled. I would think there is a teleport somewhere in that world that puts you in there but I've never found it. If FSR wasn't disabled, there'd be no problem and I could just fly in. Even if there was a logical reason to disable it, why did they make an inviting looking walkway to an entrance anyway?
Disabling right click probably irritates me the most, however, upon further review of some other worlds, I now know why some do that. There are some fantastic jpgs out there now and the owners don't want their website's bandwidth overloaded. I have seen at least one world where the urls of the jpgs are not usable because of something they did at the website, thus, still allowing right click for the building techie types. How can you expect ppl to learn more than just the basics of building if you hide what you've done from them?
Thank goodness the public building worlds still have right click selection enabled (obviously, or they couldn't be public building worlds Ewasx, ya dummy, duhhhhhh). 
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