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We need an enemy......

  I'm convinced we do. All actions, discussions, contests, awards are a drop on the hot sand of the Sahara when it comes to building a community. AW is not ONE community, it's several. And that's enriching, unless some of them are closed to members of other communities. The choice is every community's prerogative. 
Each of these communities are build around a goal, a theme or some kind of  "common" idea, let it be a vague or a non-expressed one in a lot of cases. AW as a whole has a meaning, though we may be not always able to see that. Moreover, each individual sees it differently for a greatr part.... 

That's why a lot of communities are built around a goal that is expressed in a negative way. Not a "negative" goal (who's to judge?), but a goal defined in terms of  "not"'s, "against"'s and "don't"'s. The advantages of such definitions are various : at first sight it leaves a maximum of possibilities open, it's hard to not reach them and most of us are against something..... almost instinctively. 

It's a lot harder, if not daring, to define goals positively. When not reached, someone gets the blame, be it the one in charge or the one who got to execute. Or, on the other hand..... no one cares. 

Because AWWoS is concerned about the community .... correction : the  bunch of communities found in AW (and all the others) we tried to find a third way to unite individuaks around a common cause. THE COMMON ENEMY. Negative, you say? No way...... it's all in the choice of the enemy. 

We can't take a living person or organisation....... we could lose potential members of the community. We need to chose something/someone  that's known to all of the users, something/someone that's hated by or at least irritates all of us. It may not be an easy enemy to beat..... but it can't be a "mission impossible".  Got a clue yet? 

I'm talking about William Frederick Snowyte (at least i think that's the name, I only know the initials). This guy is giving us a hard time when the weather is bad...... he enters AW at the most impossible moments, when you least expect him. You never know if you're the only one to have him visiting, he mutes you.....etc.... etc.....

So, let's all think of  ways to beat William Frederick Snowyte....... that will make us a true community. 

Anyway, enjoy reading AWWoS.

Simon Says 
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