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Dirty Laundry : Once and for all.... 

1. Da Rat stands for...
2. Trust no forms
3. Truth behind Brussels
4. Please don't tell...
5. Robocops
1.  You would think being Da Rat is fun. Well, think again. You might think Da Rat never makes mistakes. Think again, again. And you might think Da Rat is a person, in a way you would be right. Does Da Rat hurt? Depends on who or what he's aiming at. And Da Rat never shoots in the pack. 
One and for all : Da Rat is not a cimmunity-killer. Who or what is "Da Rat"? Just a sucker for cheese. And if you would excuse me now : I got an offspring to produce.


2. I've tried to vote for the Reunion sites. But, boy, that form was hard to fill in correctly. But of course, with only half a braincell...... I wonder though what might have happened if it came to real registrations. 

3. If you ever hear anything about it : "Da Rat blew up the Ottawa reunion" and therefore the complete thing.... By the way, you could very well be told that I'm Simon Says. I thought you should know that. 

4. A lot of people are trembling..... Got some mails : "Please don't quote me, don't tell anyone.... ". Don't tempt me.

5. Best idea since ages : PK-bots! Program them i such a way they react only to "vulgar, abusive" whatever-  language. No more arbitrariness since the coding could be made public and the bot would not make any distinction or human evaluation error. But some threads in the newsgroups would be a lot shorter...
Don't think it's the future... At least twice this week there was a robocop on GZ. 

 <:3 The Rat in the Laundromat

Any resemblance to real AW-citizens and/or situations might be purely coincidental.


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