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Reunion 99 : What happened? What's next ?

  You all probably noticed that the "core committee" withdrew from the Ottawa organization. We explicitly want to express our regrets that this happened and our thanks for the mobilisation they started and the experience they shared with us.

During the last few weeks more and more AW-users were chosing different cities all over the world besides the three that were proposed initially. Some of those sites had organizers that were working already to get things set up. 

I don't know what other sites will do, the moment I write this. So I'll be restricting my comments to what the plans are in Brussels. 

The people organizing the Brussels are willing to go ahead, if  there's still enough interest. So hereby, we ask you to notify 

if you are planning to come to the meeting in Brussels. Also if you already voted via the reunion form. 

From next week on you'll find a status page on the Brussels organization in AWWoS. There will be listed who mailed us with the intent to come to Brussels. 

As things are now, there will be a meeting. The number of participants will only have an influence on the events we plan to organize. Unless nobody 's coming, lol. 

If the organizers of the other meetings still continue too, we hope they will contact us to plan one or more online sessions. So, let us know something via the above mentioned address. 

Looking forward to recieve your e-mails and hoping to meet you 22 - 25 july in Brussels. 

Simon Says 
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