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G-Files (8) : The Red Grounds: Mars

  Mars : God of War. Martial arts, the art of warfare. The Red planet, colour of blood, threat and danger. Mars is aggressive. No doubt about that. The avatars in this world look like they can survive any attack or hostile environment. A lot of the objects on Mars seem to be made to survive the environment or to attack a real or virtual enemy. 

And yet, the few visits I made to Mars, not all on GZ, of course, there was this kind of attraction. An almost physical experience of the climatological circumstances. It may just be me.... 

I have one request to you, readers. Try it out if you haven't already. And let me know if you got that too. 

Don't think this is to promote Mars. That's done already in the newsletter and in the newsgroup too, where i read a posting of somebody saying Mars is dead because nothing moves there... etc. 

Strange how these things happen all together......

Simon Says 
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