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Chaud Show

 By mgib  All have seen, at least once on TV, one of these Hollywood-like shows. Don't lie, even if you aren't at all fond of such stuff, you did. There is always a day when, back from work mentally exhausted, we decide to be voluntarily dumb for the evening taking care the meanest brain cell won't be solicited.
 So you turn on the TV (good start), skip any channel where you think there might be something to understand and… here it is! Some show with a lot of sunlights, sequins, half-witted gorgeous beauties, bullring music as the honoured idiot enters to get his prize under an overflow of spontaneity. (He really didn't expect it, he's sooo much overwhelmed! You are all wonderful people you know? He was just passing by in tuxedo and saw some light in…).

 Perfect! Exactly what you needed. So you turn off the sound as you know by advance what they gonna say, put your favourite music on, open a beer and watch at the wonderful visual show.

 So… next week is the Cy Awards ceremony. I can tell you something guys, don't miss it! ! 
 I asked for a private visit in this red world showing my journalist pass, and it worked! (da Rat must be right, Simon has bribed at lot around, for sure).
 I know we are used in AW to be amazed at how much our buildings look real-like, because we are trained to imagine what's missing, but I can tell you you'll be surprised. The place is really astounding, giving back the perfect atmosphere we may expect for such an event. All is there! Don't ask me for details or previous pictures, I'm supposed to intrigue you enough so you come, if you don't Simon ..says… I'll be fired for poor audience. (Actually I think this is because he wants a big crowd to applaud him when he'll get his Award).
 Nevertheless, you won't regret it. What I liked too is the very specific decorum so to praise the event. You don't feel like in some municipal theatre adjusted in haste for a meaningless party. The richness, the care for details, the homogeneity, the proportions, the symbols, the technical exploit (is it enough Boss?:) ) are at the level of the consideration organisers are having for the public.
 Also, it was nice for once to notice the event won't be spoiled with some shameless self-promotion or commercial signs by some sponsor. (Maybe it will be added in the meantime but after what I said we may hope they won't dare. We can count on them to make up in the speeches).

 But this isn't all folks! All around in the same world are some marvels. I didn't have much time and didn't want to abuse of the kindness of my guide so to see everything. I noticed a maze I haven't visited but should be worth it, and saw another place which is just incredible.
  But I'm not talking of something else than the Awards. It's expected you will visit all this later after the Cy ceremony as an opening, but it might be useful during the ceremony. 
 For those who wouldn't like to attend but need to show they were there because of their social position, or those who come to cheer only one nominee (e.g. Simon Says) while they think others aren't worth a damn,  they may show themselves a bit there and slyly leave the amphitheatre for a nice walk around these marvels having a smoke, still listening to the 'hurrahs' from far to come back at the proper moment.

 And about me? I'm asked to report from the crowd for the next AWWoS issue, so I'll be there during the whole ceremony. Well… officially. I can't afford to meet someone in the maze during my duty at the show now I gave you the trick, so I hope you don't mind I keep a trick for me.

C'était bien Boss? :)

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