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CY-Awards next saturday : Flames from our Readers

 Some reactions on last weeks article (the reactions on this page do not necessarily reflect the opinions of AWWoS on the mentioned issues).
Dear AWWoS,

Is this your idea of a free press ? The article on the reasons for being absent on the CY-Awards is tendentious and totally misleading. All the active Worlds citizens that can be there will be there to honour the award winning citizens. No reason is good enough to stay away from the ceremony. Personally i will interrupt my holidays and swim back in from a warm and sunny beach in Antarctica, just to offer a standing ovation whenever it is asked. Each time the Awards take place, I install the kid's potty near to my computer, in order  to avoid missing anything of the fun. 
So I found your article very dissapointing and something I never expected in a magazine like yours. I'm sure this was a one time error and it probably will never happen again. 

Still a very faithfull reader,
A CY-award attending citizen(Name and address know to the AWWoS staff).

Dear Simon Says,

You said there were some citizens excusing themselves from attending the CY-awards with the reason that nobody would hear their "Brb for beer". I'm unpleasantly surprised that you didn't suggest any solutions to that problem. As far as I know you must suffer the same problem.  Let me do what, in my humble opinion, was your duty when hearing that excuse and give some potential solutions for that problem.

- Move the fridge or move the computer. By the way,I find it very strange that their gravity pull didn't do that for you yet.

- Ask one of your family members to get your beers when you need them.

- Become a camel and drink before the thirst gets you.

- Don't drink anything that can be reffered to as "beer". The alternatives or countless : champagne, Whisky, Bourbon, Brandy, coffee, milk, soup or Corona.  

I hope that publication of this letter will help some citizens to overcome their fears of not being able to quench their thirst during the CY-Awards. Again AWWoS should have suggested all these solutions.

Thirsty and Bright,
(Name and address know to the AWWoS staff).

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