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Heartache Avenue
  Life in Active Worlds demands not only some technical skills and some hard and software. One of the main  requirements is an emotional stability and social abilities on a level beyond imagination of non-citizens. Even citizens sometimes find themselves in situations that make them feel lost or stuck in the middle. AWWoS wouldn't be AWWoS if it didn't try to make you feel listened to. If you have a problem with the sentimental side of your AW-life, if you have doubts on the commitment of your AW-partner or you want to share your AW-happiness with our readers, this is the place where it all can be posted, even answered by our queen of roses, a ladyfriend in dark times : Cheri. She'll try to answer your questions, offer you guidelines in your VR love life and give you insight in the warmest sentiments someone might have in Active Worlds. 
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