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The "Objet nouveau est arrivé" story continues

  We thought the controversy around the new objects would have stopped, but no. Soon after the publication of our first issue, the were delivered and what happened? There were some citizens complaining about it. "Only two new textures", some say. Here at AWWoS we wonder what those complainers are thinking. Do they expect objects they just can drop anywhere in AW and then sit in it? Do they expect E N Z O to do their building?  That they just have to pick a completed farm or lighthouse from the object yard? 
Of course not. We know they are serious citizens that work hard to make AW a better place to wander in. We can understand that the long waiting caused them to have high (too high?) expactations. But the really new object are tested for their Y2K compliancy and the regression testing (tests on the existing objects) took more time than expected.
However, this is not the main reason for the dissapointing low number of new elements to build with. The main reason is that COF needs to pay for those new objects in EURO. They had to look for the character-set that includes the euro currency sign and it was only about ten days ago they found it. 

Finally the new objects are there, the builders can create great stuff again and we can close the follow-up on this issue. Unless.......

Simon Says
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