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Weather forecast for AW GZ


Forecast for week of 6 to 13 september

Many of our readers asked us to include forecasts on the atmosphere on and around GZ of AW. This is not an easy task. how in the Alpha World can we or any expert predict what will be on the visitors minds ? Do we have a crystal ball to read the Peacekeepers mind ? How triggerhappy are they ? How stylish will the tourists express themselves? Dear reader, as you can see this is not an easy task. But AWWoS was never afraid of difficult things. We will try to meet the high standards you've grown acustomed to as reader of AWWoS. 

- Number of hours in Public speech : approx. 80
- Number of first warnings : approx. 45
- Number of second warnings : approx. 43
- Number of ejected tourists : approx. 25
- Number of ejected citizens : less than 5
- Overall rating of the coming week : fair to normal for this time of year
- Longer term tendency : the long term preview shows a downward trend in the number of first and second warnings, while the number of ejections stays more or less equal. This could indicate a increased button itch of the peacekeeper corps.

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