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Official Kick-off party

  A lot of our readers have asked via different ways if AWWoS will ever have a move-in party. If you've followed the story on the building of our offices, you could expect such a thing. And sure we will party, and sure all of you will be invited. A date isn't set yet, but we think that october will be the month for that party. 
So keep breathing and keep a little patient. The first few weeks of a new publication are hectic and the paint in the offices ain't dry yet. 
We can notify you already of one of the main events of that party, besides the cutting of the ribbon : the official release of the Logo of AWWoS. 
We have a pretty good idea of how it will look, but your ideas are still welcome, dear reader. Send them to us via e-mail and we will see if your idea is better than ours. Let's show that AWWoS readers are intelligent and creative. 
Of course, we will keep youposted on this issue.
Simon Says
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