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Time Flies


Minutes in AW stand for days in RL, they say. So, two weeks of absence make you really  outdated there. But wasn't it good to return and see the yellow ribbons ? Some 80 e-mails were smiling or grinning at me, dozens of messages and URL's were flashing in ICQ and there were teles from some 10 different citizens. 
It actually came as a shock to me that nothing really had changed. Sure the new objects had arrived and the offices of this fantastic magazine were more furnished. But those were very subtle changes. As far as I could see there were no spectacular things going on. The tourists on GZ in AW tried their charm on the lady citizens and the PK on duty had to use the bold characters again.
But the changes aren't visible, I guess. It's the people that have changed, moved on. But so has your chief editor. You will probably notice some changes in your favourite magazine. And there's more to come. 
A few things won't change, though. Where you might find our competitors concentrating on the wrapping, AWWoS will concentrate on content. And it will be you, dear reader who will be in the picture. 
So again : send your reactions to us via e-mail or teles in AW or become a more or less regular reporter of AWWoS. 

The Active Worlds Watch on Sunday keeps an eye on the pulse of Active Worlds. 

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