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"The Dark Side" : AWT.

 The seriousness behind the absurdity. Read this : 

"Welcome to the (AWT) ActiveWorlds Terrorists Homepage , This organization is also known as the Order,it is against most GateKeepers\PeaceKeepers\Citizens Of
Active Worlds, you can also help, Please check out the information below on ways to do this. You can E-Mail for more information, one of the biggest questions, why? ,
all members of the ''order'' have their own reasons, but the same goal...... this is why I run the (AWT) for everybody with the same goal, to unit together, and work
together...... Our goal?? what does our name stand for? I think you get the idea......but remember, once you turn to the dark side, there is no turning back......."

Are you laughing yet? No? Then you probably are the author of this text or you'll have to reread it. 

How to annoy Gatekeepers? What to do in case you'r ejected? Of course this only works if coming in as a tourist...... Things everyone with more than one braincell knew as soon as they entered AW, are described on that page.

But so far, nothing on their goal. Any terrorrist organisation starts with stating WHAT they're fighting for and usually don't give away their means to do it...... 

It all became hilarious when I read  the DISCLAIMER !!!!!!! (and not only because of the alternative spelling)

"This page is in no way meant as Industrial Sabatoge against Circle Of Fire Studios Inc. I
am in no way trying to disrupt their revenue... do not blame me for them about to be going into bankruptcy! From rumors I have heard from inside sources , Active worlds will be gone very soon......."

So I mailed the guy. After my first mail the disclaimer had changed just a little teeny weeny bit........ It now says:

This ''page'' is meant as Industrial Sabatoge against Circle Of Fire Studios Inc. and is meant to disrupt their revenue..... but do not blame me for them about to be going into bankruptcy!
From rumors I have heard (from inside sources) , Activeworlds will be gone very soon.......

Ambitious guy....

In one of his replies he (could be she too, this page is so romantic...) named an e-mail address So ...... right, we contacted that person. 

What I thought (and what you are thinking right now) was confirmed. It's mostly harmless talk. This clown has been warned about his activities. Oh, now I'm a bit too severe..... We all make mistakes.

But that's not all. In his one but last mail he said he wouldn't answer my mails anymore. Actually I didn't have a lot of questions left.......

Two days later (or three) I recieved a mail on how he hacked people : 
- get hold of an icq-number in AW
- get the other side to accept a back-orifice infected file
- hack their AW-account.
He claims having hacked 12+ citizenships already.....

He's planning a big vandalism attack (at least that's what he claims) with stolen citizenships.

A few warnings maybe are in place :
- don't give your ICQ- number to just anyone.
- don't accept files from sources you don't completely trust.
- even trusted contacts could unwillingly infect your computer.
- go to where you can get a free detector / remover for BackOrifice.
- and just in case : change a few passwords now and then.

If this article brings you to any ideas : remember that no matter how hard we can laugh about this, COF takes this seriously :

"...we do take it quite seriously and harassing people in AW can result in
having your citizenship revoked, your ISP blocked, and complaints filed with
your ISP or the local authorities.  It's actually a crime to threaten people

And, "Head of the ORDER" : the blue ribbon (" free speech on the net") that appears on your page is a joke, I presume?

One good thing comes out of this page, tho. My vocabulary has become richer (but that's not hard..... lol).

Avabuse, the abuse of a person in-avatar, can take several forms. One is just plain bad language ! This is a social world of free speech, Another form of avabuse is related to body
language. The Picture figure z1 shows a case in which a Evil and aggressive ActiveWorld tourist is constantly shadowing and blocking the views of all conversations of a citizen.
Repeatedly passing back and forth through someone's avatar is called avattack, and is the virtual form of assault and battery. my favorites are the Gatekeepers (at the AW Gateway) But
I do not recomend doing this to a Gatekeeper.... :)

I'm starting to wonder..... wasn't AWT an acronym for "Almost Watching Teletubbies"?

Simon Says
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