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Reunion 99. Countdown has started.

Where to go to decide where to go. This year there might be three locations for the Reunion. The conditions for this to happen are described on the Reunion countdown page and the Survey page, set up by Serendipitous. 

In order to make sure we have enough attendees to ga ahead with the organization, the core committee would like to know where you would prefer to attend if you attend (if? You will !). 
That's why there's a survey. Please fill it in. This year, there's a chance to get the reunion near you ! 

For those with bad eyes and a non-html browser (hehehehe) here's where you gotta go for more info and the survey page :

The final results will be made public on Feb, 2nd.

Hoping to see a lot of you on the 22nd of July :).

Simon Says 
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